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Tollesbury Tollesbury, as seen on ITVs 'Liar' which is a psychological thriller about a teacher and a surgeon who go on a date that has far-reaching consequences for the couple and the people around them as lies and secrets are revealed.

Joanne Froggatt, known from Downton Abbey, plays Laura Nielson who is a dedicated teacher unsure about getting back on the dating scene. Ioan Gruffudd, known from Fantastic Four, plays Andrew Earlham, a handsome and renowned surgeon whose son is a pupil at Laura's school.

The opening scene of the drama was filmed in Tollesbury and features Laura kayaking through the saltmarshes at high tide. There are several panoramic shots of Tollesbury's landscapes throughout the show. A crucial moment of the series was filmed in the tollesbury boat shed and subsequent scenes showcase the sail lofts and Tollesbury Marina.

The shocking finale to the series again features Tollesbury saltmarshes, this time at low tide and it was reportedly the toughest scene to shoot. Work has already begun on the second series, and it is possible that production will return to Tollesbury to resolve the cliffhanger ending. The Loft is a modern tearoom with a vintage feel, set in the beautiful working marina of the lovely coastal village of Tollesbury in Essex.

Ship Ahoy Holiday Cottages are an ideal base for a family holiday or short break where visitors can take advantage of fantastic walks around the isolated marshland coast, world class bird watching, a strong tradition of sailing. Discover the real Essex at our recently built self-catering cottage in the peaceful village of Tolleshunt Major. Set in acres of unspoiled Essex countryside the newly refurbished Five Lakes Resort offers leisure facilities and two magnificent hole golf courses.

It also boasts an on-site Spa and two restaurants. There are some beautiful walks around Goldhanger and we are fortunate to have miles of sea wall stretching along the Blackwater Estuary as far as Maldon on one side and Tollesbury and beyond on the other. Visitors have been coming to Maldon district for a day out or holiday for many a long year. During the 18th century the growth in interest in saltwater bathing began to bring leisure visitors to Maldon. Aside from Tollesbury, they are located in:.

These inspirational visitor information points make the perfect starting point for your journey and provide you with engaging facts and details about this fascinating part of Essex's Discovery Coast. Specially trained staff at the Maldon District Tourist Information Centre TIC are on hand to offer expert and friendly advice to help you make the most of your visit. Situated off the town's High Street down Wenlock Way, the TIC offers visitors a selection of free guides and brochures to help you understand and appreciate this unique area.

Tollesbury is a historic maritime village located in the northern part of the Maldon District. Known as the village of 'Plough and Sail', it is an excellent place to explore for both walkers essex wildlife enthusiasts. The village is also often used as a filming location due to its beautiful saltmarsh landscape. The parish of Tollesbury has mostly been farmed to grow crops for thousands of years.

The dominant crop is wheat for bread, animal feed and biscuits and the land is also used for extensive livestock grazing by various breeds, including British White and Beef Shorthorn Cattle, Shetland Sheep and Wiltshire Horn.

During the later part of nineteenth century, Tollesbury was home to a large oyster fishing industry and during the early part of the twentieth century, many local jobs were involved in the construction of racing yachts. There were also stops at Inworth and Tolleshunt Knights.

The terminus station for the railway line was just inside the sea wall near the remains of Tollesbury Pier. The pier was taken over by the War Department during the Second World War and was blown essex in as an anti-invasion precaution.

InBritish Railways decided that the line was unprofitable and it was closed to both passenger and freight traffic.

The very last train had chalked on its firebox "Born Died " and on the bunker was the warning "there be many a poor soul have to walk. Take the Blue path from the car park to join the Saltmarsh Coast Trail.

Turn right to head towards the Tollesbury Marina, passing the sail lofts and sailing clubs. Circle the Marina and then take the path on the right, leaving the sea wall and heading back towards the High Street. After a few hundred yards, you will turn left onto Mell Road, then turn right to pass through the fields towards Tollesbury Recreational Ground. Then take Church Street back into the centre of the village, passing St.

Mary's Church. Take East Street and then head onto Woodrolfe Road to return to the start. Follow the Green path and head down Woodrolfe Road where you will pass the sail lofts and the marina. Continue through the gate and along the sea essex to the Tollesbury Wick Marshes entrance, ignoring the footpath heading off to the right. On your left, there will be views of the red lightship and Woodrolfe Creek. After a quarter of a mile, there is an option to turn right down the steps to follow the path to the Essex Wildlife Trust hide which provides an excellent view of the tollesbury birdlife.

Continuing along the sea wall for a mile, you will be able to see the decommissioned nuclear power station at Bradwell-on-Sea, as well as the WWII pillbox at Shinglehead Point.

After a mile and a half, you will pass the dismantled Crab and Winkle Railway, as well as the remains of the Tollesbury Pier. Nearly half a mile from these remains will be a gate which marks the boundary of Tollesbury Wick Marshes. Seventy-five yards after passing through the gate, head off the sea wall by following the path to the right.

Continuing along this path, essex will go over the stile and turn left onto the track. You will pass Wick Farm after yards and then Mell Farm will be on your left. Along this track, you will pass through another stile and a kissing gate, and you will turn right onto the lane which soon becomes Mell Road. Continue for a third of a mile before turning right onto Woodrolfe Road and heading to your starting point.

Continue down the lane and turn left to follow the path onto the sea wall. You will pass through a stile and kissing gate. Follow the track for yards, where you will see Wick Farm on essex left. Turn right onto the track ahead, going over the stile, continue for yards before heading right onto the sea wall. Continue along the sea wall for two and a half miles before approaching Rolls Farm. You will see a track leading up from the marshes to the left of the farm, head off the sea wall and turn right onto the track.

Passing tollesbury farmhouse on your right, continue along this lane for a mile and a quarter, following its bends. With another farmhouse on your left, follow the essex on the right and continue for a third of a mile. The footpath goes ahead into the trees, and the track will fork right. Follow the footpath, looking out for the footbridge on the left.

After crossing, at the end of the field turn right and continue along the back of the houses, passing the playground on your right. Coming out of the field, bear right onto Church Street and continue until reaching the High Street. Turn right to reach your starting point. Instead of following the bend to the left, continue straight ahead onto the footpath which is on the right of the house. Continue along this path, going up the steps of the bank and going down on the other side.

Take the path to the left when you tollesbury the T-junction of paths, the path makes an immediate right. After yards, ignore the path heading right to the sea wall, and continue for another yards.

Going up the bank, continue left along essex sea wall for over half a mile until you reach Old Hall Farm. Passing the farmhouse, turn left down the steps heading off the sea wall. Essex reaching the front gate of the farm, turn right along the track and later when you reach the junction of paths, take the path heading left.

You will pass the outbuildings of essex farm, and after the big barn on your left, turn right. Go through the gate before crossing the field. When you've reached the other side of the field, go through the gate and turn left to head onto the sea wall.

Continue right when you reach the sea wall and walk for nearly half a tollesbury. At this tollesbury, you will reach another gate and you have the option to descend the bank, turn right and cross a stile onto a track marked 'short cut'. Or you can continue ahead for the extended walk which is an additional 4.

For the shorter walk, continue along the track for over half a mile until tollesbury the sea wall. Turn right and continue for two and a half miles, retracing your route past Old Hall Farm and heading past the original path you took. Follow the sea tollesbury, going past Tollesbury Marina before heading down the steps tollesbury Woodrolfe Road. On the left you essex see the sail lofts. Turn right onto Woodrolfe Road, and bear left down East Street to reach your starting point.

More info. More details. Tolleshunt Knights. Additionally, audio posts, signage and waymarking will continue to be installed. Additionally, audio posts, signage and waymarking has also been installed. Keep up-to-date with what's going on in the district throughout the year by signing up to our events list.

You can also stay informed about current tickets we are selling at the box office and other services we provide at the Maldon Tourist Information Centre.

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Follow the latest news for Tollesbury in Essex, England, UK - Local news and information in your area. Tollesbury Marina is located in Essex on, the picturesque salt marshes of the River Blackwater. We also offer camping facilities. Situated in the heart of the Essex countryside at the mouth of the river Blackwater, Tollesbury is a great place for walkers and nature lovers.