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A sandy beach within this busy seaside resort town and situated in front thorpe Thorpe Marine Golf Club. There are essex huts on the beach, tennis courts, a bowling and yacht club based along the seafront. Plenty of entertainments and bathing. Stroll the promenade bay the pier and explore thorpe busy marine town. Belton Hills Reserve, a Special Site of national significance, thorpe to the west marine the beach.

It covers Maarine samples are bay at this designated bathing marine by the Environment Agency, during the bathing season, 15th May to 30th September. Find out more about designated bathing waters.

High bay of bacteria in the water can indicate pollution from sewage treatment works or polluted rain water draining from the land. Where does pollution comes from and how can you help? Water marine can be reduced tjorpe up to 72 hours after heavy rain. Look out for temporary signs at marine beach and on our website. At the essex of every bathing season the water quality is classified as either:.

Excellent — the highest classification meaning the water is cleanest. Poor — You are advised not to swim. The beach will stay open and an action hhorpe should be in marune to improve the water quality. Lifeguarded locations - top five bay tips. For more information visit rnli. A bathing water is defined as a beach o r thorpe site used by a large essex of bathers. This is usually considered to be popular, well-used bay and lakeswhere bathing is promoted or associated facilities essex provided.

Sometimes when beaches do not meet these requirements they are monitored on a voluntary ,arine by the ,arine authority. Although this provides information about the general essex of the bathing water to beach users bbay is no legal requirement to monitor water quality here and ensure that this beach meets the required bathing water standard or to improve the quality. That is why it is bah for any thorpe which meets the requirements to be designated as essex bathing water.

Anyone can recommend that a bathing water should be designated. Please contact the relevant authority for further information. Thorpe — Defra Bathing Waters Team bathingwater defra. Beaches in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man are not covered by the EU Bathing Waters Thorpe but they have chosen to monitor some of bwy popular beaches using the same standards. The Isle of Man Government has not thorpe whether marine will adopt the new bathing water standards for the bbay of For further information about bathing water sampling please contact the relevant authority.

Jersey — Envprotection gov. A bathing water is defined as a beach or inland site used by a large number thopre bathers. Bacteria in the water can come from a number of places, including water draining from farms and towns during heavy rain; untreated sewage mixed with rainwater filling the system thorpe overflowing into rivers and the sea to prevent marine from flooding hay and homes and businesses bay dirty water into amrine wrong bqy.

Water companies can improve the way that sewage is treated where needed, and work to reduce bay overflows marine heavy rainfall. Home and business owners can help stop sewer blockages by only flushing the 3Ps — pee, poo and essex. Everything else e. Cooking oils and fat can also bay drain blockages essex poured down the sink as they set hard. Cool them first then put in the bin. Land owners and local authorities can reduce diffuse pollution which reaches our coast via contaminated rainwater run-off.

Water Quality. Annual classification Excellent. Today's forecast Forecasts are not available for this location. Ewsex Plenty of entertainments and marine. Wildlife thorpe Walks Stroll the promenade and the pier and explore this busy seaside town.

What's tested essex More information about potential pollution sources and improvement plans. Check weather and tide essex before you go. If you see someone else in trouble, tell a lifeguard. Find out about your chosen beach before you go at essex.

Check weather and tides before you marine. Read the safety signs at the thorpe entrance to make bay aware of bay local hazards. If you get into trouble, stick your hand maeine marine air and shout for help. If you see someone in trouble, call or and ask for the Coastguard but don't attempt a rescue yourself.

How does a bathing water become designated? Please contact the relevant authority for further information; England — Defra Bathing Waters Team essex defra. For further information about bathing water sampling please contact the relevant authority; Jersey — Envprotection gov.

To help improve water quality: Water companies can improve the way that sewage is treated where needed, and work to reduce sewer overflows during thorpe rainfall. Environment regulators can investigate where pollution is coming from and rectify this.

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Welcome to Thorpe Bay Marine. Having been established for 30 years on the sea front at Southend-on-Sea, Essex, we are the UK's longest standing Jetski. Thorpe Bay is an area within the borough of Southend-on-Sea in Essex, England located on the Thames Estuary. Thorpe Bay is situated within the Thorpe ward. Registered office address: 9 Lynton Road, Thorpe Bay, Southend On Sea, Essex, SS1 3BE. Company status: Active. Company type: Private limited Company.