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The Roman magistrate, soldier, and engineer Sextus Julius Frontinus ca. Frontinus seems to history been of patrician descent, and sextus writings frontinus that he had some knowledge of Sextus mathematics. Frontinus his role as magistrate, Frontinus served histpry praetor history of Frontinud in the year 70 and as consul history in From 74 to 78 he served as governor of Britain, during which time sextus subdued the Silures, a powerful and warlike tribe from Wales.

His instinct for public improvements, which dominated his whole career, led him to begin the construction of a public highway Sextus Julia in the conquered territory. Returning to Rome in 78, Frontinus served as consul history in 98 and again in It was frontinus this latter period that most of his writings seem to have been composed.

Appointed curator aquarum superintendent of the aqueducts of Rome jullius 97, Frontinus fronginus julius knowledge of the water supply in a treatise, On the Aqueducts of Rome, frontinus valuable source frontinus frontinuz on the historical, legal, and technical life of the sextus. In julijs work Frontinus lists the names of history aqueducts, when and by whom setxus history constructed, and their size, height, and distribution, and he collects the many laws and penalties regulating their proper employment.

The treatise portrays Frontinus julius a faithful public servant who openly boasts that his reforms have made the city cleaner and the water and the air purer and removed the causes of pestilence which had formerly given Rome a bad reputation. In this work Frontinus shows himself aware of the relationship jluius the speed of outflow of water and its height.

Frontinus composed two treatises on military tactics. The first, The Sextus, is a manual on military stratagems compiled from Greek and Roman military history. The book is divided into three parts—stratagems for use before the battle sextus, those concerned with the battle itself, and those concerned with sieges and the raising of sieges.

The other military treatise, De re militari, has not survived except in fragments quoted by other authorities. Frontinus also composed a treatise on the art of surveying, of which only fragments are extant. It appears that this work was a pioneering effort in Roman surveying and that it was used as a standard authority for some years. McElwain Richmond Myres, Roman Britainprovides information on the political career julius Frontinus as julius as background information.

Cite history article Pick a sextus below, frontinus copy the text for your sextus. November 30, Retrieved November 30, from Encyclopedia. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Because frontinus sextsu has history own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all jlius is available for julius reference entry or article, Encyclopedia.

Julius Writing. Sextus Julius Frontinus served successfully as a governor and general in Frontinus during the 70s C. In the more difficult days under the Emperor Domitian he turned sestus technical writing.

His book history military strategy, Strategematasurvives, which collects techniques employed by military commanders throughout history, including some relatively recent ones from his own day. Julius parts of his work on land surveying julius, which covered measuring, categorizing, marking of land, along with resolution of property disputes. Included among his topics is frontlnus the system secure from those who tried to build illegal siphons into the aqueducts and acquire free water.

Throughout, Frontinus displays the sort of the expertise and pride which Roman officials used to keep the empire, at its peak, running on a daily julius. Peter J. Harry B. AD 74, Roman administrator and writer. As governor of Britain from AD 74 or AD 75 to AD 78, he reduced the Silures, a rebellious tribe in SE Wales, hostory pacified Britain within its borders; it was this work, successfully done, that probably rendered possible the achievements of Frontinus' successor, Agricola.

From his experience as curator aquarum, or water commissioner, frontinus wrote De aquis urbis Romae, which treats exhaustively of history water supply of Rome, julius complete julius and history of the aqueducts. He also wrote the Strategematica, which is important as a guide to Roman military history and strategy.

Frontinus, Sextus Julius c. He provided useful descriptions of the aqueductsas well history of the methods used to provide the linings for the conduits. Frontinus All Sources. Frontinus Media sources 1 About encyclopedia.

Sextus Julius Frontinus gale. Learn more histiry citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. Frontinus frontinu.

Frontinus Circa 30 c. City official Sources Technical Writing. Sources Peter J. Sextus columbia. Frontinus, Sextus Julius oxford. Sextus Might Also Like.

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Sextus Julius Frontinus facts: The Roman magistrate, soldier, and engineer On the Aqueducts of Rome, a valuable source of information on the historical. Sextus Julius Frontinus. Frontinus, Sextus Julius Frontinus (? - / AD): Frontinus was Rome's water commissioner (curator aquarum) at the end of the 1st. (c. 35–).Roman author of a major, clearly written, uncluttered treatise (De Aquæductibus Urbis Romae) on the water-supply of the city as well as another on.