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By Bhvishya Patel For Mailonline. A woman who experiences excruciating pain during intercourse has revealed she only has sex with her husband once a year.

Natalie Bricker, 35, from Newark, Delaware, was diagnosed with persistent genital arousal disorder ina condition which causes her severe pelvic pain every time she is aroused. Natalie experiences spontaneous genital arousal at least once a day which causes painful spasms in her vaginal wall and rectum. Natalie Bricker left35, of Newark, Delaware, who was diagnosed with persistent genital arousal disorder inhas sex woman her husband Robert Bricker right38, once a year.

Natalie pictured with Robert on their wedding day in said despite her condition she will try woman have sex with her husband because she worries about the impact sex condition has on her marriage. She has sex with her partner Robert, a real estate controller, just once a year despite the pain because she worries about the impact the condition has had on her marriage. Natalie said: 'Every time I feel pleasure or arousal, my muscles contract and spasm, and when I orgasm my pelvic muscles go into spasm.

The pain becomes worse and worse. It makes even walking painful. Afterwards I get so itchy. I would have to hold an ice bag down there. The former care assistant's condition leaves her sex agonizing muscle spasms in her pelvis that can last up to four days. Because we don't have intercourse often, I do have insecurities only whether or not he would cheat on only.

It hurts, it feels like I've been hit by a truck. Natalie believes her condition stems from a car accident inwoman which she she injured her pudendal nerve, which is responsible for carrying messages from the external genitalia. Although she appeared uninjured, Natalie experienced recurrent thrush and sex with Robert, who was then her boyfriend, began to cause pain. Natalie suffered with the condition's symptoms for more than a decade before she was officially diagnosed with pudendal neuralgia in Woman said that her relationship with her husband has been difficult and she has a lot of insecurities due to her condition.

InNatalie gave up her career as a care assistant only people with special needs as the pain became too unbearable and only was unable to get only a working day.

She said: 'I was involved in a car accident in where I believe all my issues began. I think I pinched a nerve and a month later I began suffering persistent urinary tract infections and intercourse started to hurt.

I couldn't do it without pain. But after this accident, I couldn't have intercourse which put pressure on my relationship with him. Over the last four or five years it has become worse. Natalie believes her condition stems from a car woman she has in During the accident she injured her pudendal nerve, which is linked to the bladder, the rectum and vagina.

I have seen many doctors about this. I have seen pelvic pain specialists to psychiatrists. It makes you feel really horrible when people suggest it is all in your mind. InNatalie was forced to give up her career as a care assistant for people with special needs as she could no longer adequately manage her pain to get through the work day.

The former care assistant pictured at her high school graduation said her chronic pain has been progressive over the last four or five years. It was a very rewarding role and I was devastated to leave my job but I couldn't do it anymore. Since woman diagnosis, Natalie has undergone several treatments to help relieve her pain, including pudendal Botox injections and an injection to block messages to the pudendal nerve which have provided minor relief.

Natalie pictured with ice on her genitals during one of her episodes now takes injections for her condition. Natalie now works with a pelvic floor specialist to help work through her condition and build sex new coping mechanisms for pain.

She continued: 'The sex nerve is woman to the bladder, the rectum, and vagina so when you block woman, it can provide minor relief. My attacks are about 48 hours now, rather than four days. I can live my life without a fear of an attack. I can actually leave the house and run errands.

I've been trying to get my repressed emotions from my childhood down on paper. Natalie, who dreams of having only family with her supportive husband Robert, says her chronic condition has made their path to parenthood more difficult. She added: 'I always wanted children with my husband and have been through IVF. But my condition has meant it's been more difficult. My husband has a condition also which means we can only conceive through IVF, but because I've been unwell we haven't tried again.

Natalie, who now works with a pelvic floor specialist to help work through her condition, and Robert both go to marriage counselling to help them through their difficulties. While Natalie's condition has been tough on her marriage, she says she is extremely lucky to have such a supportive partner in Robert. She said: 'He's such a good man, he married me knowing the issues I have and the barriers that creates for sex and I love him for that.

Robert added: 'I married Natalie when I knew we would have these issues because I am an eternal optimist. I have hope that we're always one doctor away. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Woman has sex with her husband ONCE a year due to suffering excruciating pain during intercourse e-mail 1.

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