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Yes its possible, pleasurable but needs lot of muscular effort as the water resist your motion due to buoyancy. First one is in Krabi, Thailand at Railey beach which is a bikini beach with shallow waters. So one can go inside the sea walking up to neck inside water. I was with my wife there and a lot pool ladies with boobs and butts of different shapes in the beach turned me on.

My dick got hard and I wanted a fuck. I took my wife inside water and asked sex if she wants. Though she was scared but she agreed. I lifted he I lifted her on my lap, sex my underwear a little, opened her bikini panty and started stroking her. People were watching us but they were also involved in the same activity I believe. I couldnt cum for half an hour as the water was a bit cold and cumming while fucking in water is difficult.

We went to a nearby cliff where I laid her nude and fucked her to cum her vagina. Second one was pre-planned. My wife is sex hungry and desires to have a hard pounding. As we are married for 3 years and the her vagina has loosened she needs anal fucking whenever she gets more aroused.

We were on a holiday and we both were passionately fucking each other in our hotel room. Suddenly she told me that she needs an experience of fucking in swimming pool. She dressed herself in bikini and we went poolside at about 8 pm and no one was there. We were carrying a glass dildo for additional stimulation. We jumped into the pool and I stimulated her with the dildo first and left it in her vagina.

I used my fingers to tease her ass with dildo in her vagina. She was craving to get an ass fuck and we both went to the area of pool with least depth and the water was up to our thigh.

I fucked her ass hard in doggy style. Again couldnt cum. Had pool take her out from the pool and laid her on the poolside floor to pool her and cum. Sign In. What is it like to have pool in a pool, lake, or other water body?

Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. Answered Mar 27, What is the most sexual thing you have seen in public? Where is the weirdest place you've had sex? What is the sluttiest thing you've done that was out of character for you? What is the wildest sex you've ever had? Sex agree with the other answers, but figured I would provide some more insight. It is definitely something you should try if you and your partner are contemplating it.

I have had sex in a lake and a swimming pool. Both were equally as fun - but the pool was more comfortable because the water was warmer. Lubrication can definitely be a problem until you really start getting into it, especially in a pool. The chlorine in pools tends to dry things out a bit quicker than lake water does. Like Anon said - make sure you know the lake well enough, otherwise you might end up going into a sex Either way, go slow at first, try to keep your mind on where you're at in the water and whether there are people around, and you'll have a good time.

Answered Mar 9, It can be great. Reduced buoyancy allows for some positions that are difficult outside the water. Matters of concern: Lubrication. Water will quickly dissipate the natural lubricants the bodies make. It needs to be supplemented with something else, usually sex silicone-based lube. As others have noted, you definitely need a good idea of the surface beneath the water. Stepping pool pit or off a sand bar can lead to unpleasant surprises. Going from sand to broken shells on the bottom can disrupt activities.

Pools certainly have the advantage here, but SCUBA can avoid problems, too, once you re-arrange the straps. Be aware of what wildlife might be present. Aquatic intercourse becomes sudden not-fun when a raft of jellyfish interrupt.

Stepping on a sea urchin is disconcerting. Curious little fish getting up into the scene of the action can also put one off stride, not to mention big fish. Or the big fish with teeth. Leeches pool bloodsuckers won't disturb things, but can be disturbing once you leave the water.

Then there are the microbes, inhabiting both salt and fresh water You both can swim, right? I mean, just in case you wander into a current or a big wave takes you away?

Yes, of course sex is. View more. Related Questions Where is the weirdest place you've had sex? What was your most intense sexual experience of your life so far and how did you get there?

Tell us everything? What is the naughtiest experience you've had in a changing room? What's the naughtiest thing you've pool at a swimming pool? What is the kinkiest sex you have ever had? What are the pros and cons of having sex in water? What were your craziest sexual adventures? Do sex therapists ever have sex with their patients as part of their treatment?

Have you ever pool sex in the sex Why do males like the female body so much?

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FOR some of you, sex in a swimming pool is probably on your bucket list - an exciting escapade you can call on next time you play a game of 'never have I ever'. Is pool sex ever really a good idea? We asked the experts what you need to know to keep it safe and fun. "Having sex in a pool or hot tub does not increase your risk of pregnancy or STIs," says Dr. Lakeisha Richardson, a board-certified.