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Richard Benjamin Speck [1] [2] December 6, — December 5, was an American mass murderer who systematically torturedrapedand murdered eight student nurses from South Chicago Community Hospital on the night of July 13 into the early morning hours of July 14, He was murders at trial and sentenced to death, but the sentence was later overturned due to issues with jury selection at his trial.

Speck died of a heart attack murders 25 years in prison. Invideotapes featuring Speck were shown before the Illinois State Legislature to highlight some of the illegal activity that took place in prisons.

The family moved to Monmouth, Illinoisshortly after Speck's birth. Speck and his younger sister Carolyn b. Speck's eldest brother, Robert, died at the age of murders in an automobile accident in Speck's father murders as ses packer at Western Stoneware in Monmouth and sez previously worked as a farmer and logger. Speck was very close to his father, who died in murdrs a heart attack sex the age of Speck was six years old at the time.

A few years later, Speck's religious, teetotaler mother fell in love with a traveling insurance salesman from Texas, Carl August Rudolph Lindberg, whom she met on a train trip to Chicago. The hard-drinking Lindberg, with a year criminal record that started with forgery and included several arrests for drunk driving, was the opposite of Speck's sober, hardworking father.

After a year in Santo, Speck moved with his mother, stepfather, and sister Carolyn to the East Dallas murdes of Dallas, Texasliving at ten addresses in poor neighborhoods over the next dozen years. Speck loathed his often drunk and frequently absent stepfather, who psychologically abused him with insults and threats.

Long Jr. High Schoolin part because he refused to speak in class because of a lifelong fear of people staring at him. Speck started drinking alcohol at age 12 and by age 15 he was getting drunk almost every day.

His first arrest, in at age 13 for trespassing, was followed by dozens of other arrests for misdemeanors over the next eight years.

Speck worked as a laborer for the 7-Up bottling company in Dallas for almost three years, from to She became pregnant after three weeks of dating him. Shirley married Speck on January 19,and initially moved in with him, his mother, sister Carolyn, and Carolyn's husband.

Speck's mother and stepfather had separated, and his stepfather had moved to California. Speck stopped using the name Richard Benjamin Lindberg when he got sx and began using the name Richard Benjamin Mudders.

When Speck's daughter, Robbie Lynn, was muurders on July 5,his wife did not know that Speck was serving a day jail sentence for disturbing the peace in McKinney, Texasafter a murddrs melee. The year-old Umrders was convicted of forgery and burglary and sentenced to three years in prison. He was paroled after serving 16 months from to in the Texas State Penitentiary in Huntsville, Texas. He fled when the woman screamed. The police arrived within minutes and apprehended Speck a few blocks away.

Speck was convicted of aggravated assault, given a month sentence to run concurrently with a parole violation sentence, and returned to prison in Huntsville, but due to an error he was released just six months later on completion of his parole violation sentence on July 2, After his release from prison, Speck worked for three months as a driver for the Patterson Meat Company and had six accidents with his truck before he was fired for failing to show up for work.

In Decemberon the recommendation of his mother, Speck who was by then separated from srx wife moved in with a year-old divorced woman, an ex-professional wrestler who was a bartender at his favorite bar, Ginny's Lounge, and needed someone to babysit her three children.

In JanuarySpeck's wife filed for divorce. That same month, Speck stabbed a man in a knife fight at Ginny's Lounge. Murdees was charged with aggravated assault, but a defense attorney hired by his mother was able to get the charge reduced to disturbing the peace. This was the last time Speck was in police custody in Dallas. On March 5,Speck bought a year-old car. The following evening, he robbed a grocery store, stole 70 cartons of cigarettes, sold them out of the trunk of his car in the grocery store's parking lot, and then abandoned the car.

The police traced the car to Speck and issued a warrant for his arrest for burglary on March 8. Sex arrest his 42nd in Dallas would mean another prison term, so on March 9,Speck's sister Carolyn drove him to the Dallas bus depot, where he took a bus to Murders, Illinois. Speck stayed with his sister Martha Thornton and her family in Chicago for a few days, and then returned to his boyhood hometown of Monmouth, Illinoiswhere he initially stayed sex some old family friends.

Speck's brother Howard was a carpenter in Monmouth and found a job for him sanding plasterboard for another Monmouth carpenter.

Speck became angry when he learned his ex-wife mruders remarried two days after she was granted a divorce on March 16, He moved to the Christy Hotel in downtown Monmouth on March 25 and spent most of his time in the downtown taverns. At the end of March, while Speck and some acquaintances were on a bar-hopping trip to Gulf Port, Illinoisthey were detained overnight by police there after Speck murders threatened a man in a tavern restroom with his knife.

On April 3, Mrs. He was a 6-foot-tall white man who was "very polite" and spoke "very softly with a Southern drawl. She was reported missing on April 13, and her body was found that day in an empty hog pen behind the tavern. She had died from a blow to her abdomen that ruptured her liver.

Speck had frequented Frank's Place, and the empty hog pen was one of several he had helped build ,urders the preceding month, so Monmouth police briefly questioned him about Pierce's death when he showed up to murders his final carpentry paycheck on April 15 and asked him to stay in town for further questioning.

When police showed up at murdrrs Christy Hotel on April 19 to continue questioning Speck, they discovered he had left the hotel a few hours earlier, carrying his suitcases and saying he was just going to the laundromat. He had instead left town. A search of his room turned up a radio and costume jewelry Mrs. Virgil Harris had reported missing sex her house, as well as items reported missing in two other local burglaries in the past month.

On April 19,Speck returned to stay at his sister Martha's second-floor apartment at N. Murders Ave. Martha had worked as a registered nurse in pediatrics before she was married and her husband Gene worked nights as a railroad switchman. Speck told them an unbelievable story about having to leave Monmouth after refusing to sell narcotics for a "crime syndicate" there. Gene Thornton, who had served in the U. Navythought that the U. Merchant Marine might provide a suitable occupation for his unemployed brother-in-law, so on April 25 he took Speck to the U.

Coast Guard office to apply for a letter of authority to work as an apprentice seaman. The application required being fingerprinted and photographed, and having a physical examination by a doctor.

Speck found work immediately after obtaining the letter of authority, joining sex member sex of Inland Steel 's Clarence B.

Randallan L6-S-B1 class bulk ore lake freighteron April Speck's first voyage on the Clarence B. Randall was brief, since he was stricken with appendicitis on May 3, and was evacuated murdegs U.

Coast Guard helicopter to St. After he was discharged from the hospital, Speck returned to stay with his sister Martha and her family in Chicago to recuperate. Sex May 20, he rejoined the crew of murders Clarence B. Randall on which he served until June 14, when he got drunk and quarreled with one of the boat's officers and was put ashore on June For the following week, Speck stayed at the St. Elmo, an East Side, Chicago flophouse at E. Ewing Ave. Speck then traveled by train to Houghton, Michiganstaying at the Douglas House, to visit Judy Laakaniemi, a year-old nurse's aide going through a divorce, whom he had befriended at St.

Joseph's Hospital. The NMU hiring hall was one block east of five attached two-story brick townhousesthree of which were occupied by South Chicago Community Hospital senior student nurses and Filipino exchange registered nurses.

Eight of these nurses lived in the easternmost townhouse at E. On Friday, July 8,Speck's brother-in-law Murders drove him to the NMU hiring hall to pick up his seaman's card and register for a berth on a ship.

Speck lost out that day to a seaman with more seniority for a berth on the SS Flying Spraya Sex cargo ship bound for South Vietnamand returned to his sister Martha's apartment for the weekend. By Monday, July 11, Speck had outstayed his welcome with his sister Martha and her family. When he arrived there, he found that his spot had already been taken, and he was driven back to the NMU hiring hall, which was then closed.

Speck did not have enough money for a rooming house, so he dropped his bags off six blocks east at the Manor Shell filling station at S. Torrence Ave. He was angry for being sent to a non-existent assignment, and he talked for 30 minutes in the car with his sister Martha and her husband Gene, who had driven down to visit him at 9 a.

They parked on E. Avenue N; the inn was an East Side, Chicago murrders house. Speck murders the murdfrs of the day drinking in nearby murders before he accosted Ella Mae Hooper at knifepoint; she was a year-old woman who had spent the day drinking at the same taverns sex Speck had patronized.

Speck, who later claimed he was both drunk and high on drugs, may have originally planned to commit a routine burglary. One woman, Corazon Amurao, escaped death because she crawled and hid under a bed while Speck was out of the room. Speck possibly lost count or might have known eight women lived in the townhouse but was unaware that a ninth woman was spending the night. Amurao stayed hidden until almost 6 a.

Fingerprints found at the scene were matched to Speck. Two days after the murders, Speck was identified by a drifter named Claude Lunsford. Speck, Lunsford, and another man had been drinking the evening of Muders 15 on the fire escape of the Starr Hotel at W. The police, however, did not respond to the call although their records showed the call had been sex.

Speck then attempted suicideand the Starr Hotel desk clerk phoned sdx the emergency around midnight. At the hospital, Speck was recognized sex Dr. LeRoy Sex, a year-old surgical resident physicianwho had read about the "Born To Raise Hell" tattoo in a newspaper story.

The police were called.

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