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Safe sex is generally defined as a set of practices designed to reduce the risk of transmitting or acquiring sexually transmitted diseases STDs. However, in a jail setting,the definition of safe sex is expanded.

Unfortunately, there are too many instances of jail officers being involved sexually with inmates. The outcome is never good, often resulting in health, family and legal consequences for the offending officer.

A National Problem Sometimes headlines scream at us. The former officer coerced a male inmate to perform oral sex with the threat of confining him with dangerous inmates. Prison incident took place in The inmate subsequently filed a civil suit against the officer. Three jail guards are accused of having sex with female inmates inside the Cook County Jail.

It is alleged that corrections officers prisson the inmates cash, food and other items in exchange for sex…So far, prizon deputies have been caught having sex with seven inmates. An investigation has revealed that three or more guards have sex sex with several prisoners. They are about to be charged with a crime. Two May,articles in The Detroit News reveal an ongoing problem. Department investigative records show that officer had a sexual relationship with inmate for nearly a decade…He was the second guard to commit suicide after being accused of sexual misconduct with female prisoners.

In February40 year old officer shot himself in his Battle Creek home two days after prosecutors obtained a warrant charging him with raping inmate in her cell…Although sex with guards and inmates is illegal even when consensual inmate said other guards and supervisors knew of the affair but never reported it.

She said another male guard frequently acted as a lookout for officer when he arranged sexual trysts with her in classrooms, laundry rooms or wherever the opportunity arose. They prrison expected the danger would come from the men prisoon to guard and protect them.

The three women share a uniquely tragic experience. They gave birth in prison to children fathered by guards pruson to look after them. Sex former jail inmates who claim they had sex sex jail officers have filed a Notice to Sue to the prison and the state.

The website, SFGate. Sec deputies resigned after having been charged with the offense. It pirson not always the jail officer who has an inappropriate sexual relationship with an inmate. These media accounts are but several examples of a problem that has existed for years.

Whereas years ago such behavior might be met with internal discipline, suspension aex termination, the consequences have changed in recent years. Sexual misconduct with inmates is about more than sex. It includes a wide range of inappropriate behaviors associated more with the exercise and abuse of power than with a sexual act.

Has sexual misconduct occurred in your jail? Most likely it has. It could be occurring now, right now, while you are reading this. There are many behaviors sex might be seen as clues to the existence of prlson misconduct.

Among them are:. Jail officers should always listen with their ears and their eyes Be alert for any unusual behavior which might indicate that an inappropriate relationship exists between an officer and an inmate. Any inappropriate behavior should be reported to a supervisor. At the same time,officers should be alert sex any prison behavior directed to them by an inmate. If that occurs, document the behavior and your response which should be designed to let the inmate know that such behavior is unacceptable.

Bush signed the Prison Rape Elimination Act of PREA into public prison, marking the first time the United States government has ever passed an act to ib with sexual assault priison bars. PREA focuses on inmate-on-inmate sexual violence as well as sexual acts involving staff,including:. Most states prison specific statutes covering relationships between officers and inmates.

In jail settings, inmate consent is not a defense. Sexual contact between officers and inmates is considered to be sex sex based on the status of the inmate as being dependent on the jail and its personnel or the basic everyday necessities of life.

When a jail assumes responsibility for an inmate, a duty incurs to provide a reasonable degree of protection for that inmate, including protection from sexual misconduct. Consequences of Sexual Prison The consequences of sexual misconduct are many — prisom of which have positive outcomes.

Preventing Sexual Misconduct While there may be no guaranteed formula to prevent all sexual misconduct in a jail, there are steps which can be taken not only to educate staff to the problem but also to protect iin liability of jail officials.

The policy should also include mandatory reporting of sexual misconduct, consequences for failing to report and safeguards for those who report, including ptison against retaliation.

Inmate procedure — Inmates should have a procedure to report sexual misconduct without incurring discipline or retaliation. Investigation — All allegations of sexual misconduct should be investigated immediately, followed by immediate prisson appropriate action, regardless of the rank of the offending officer.

A good investigative and disciplinary system is essential. What To Expect If There Is Litigation Jn sexual misconduct occurs in your jail and the incident is followed by litigation, you should be prepared to respond to the following questions:. All of this will be wrapped sex a cloak of complaints, investigations, interrogatories, depositions and negative publicity.

An unpleasant experience is guaranteed for all jail personnel, whether or wex they were directly implicated in the alleged sexual misconduct. However, if you really want to jeopardize your reputation,your health, your marriage, your family, your job, your career and perhaps even your freedom, then you might choose to have sexual contact with an inmate. I assure you that the pleasure of that moment will haunt you for a lifetime and your punishment will be well deserved.

Safe Sex in Jail. Safe Sex in Prispn Safe sex is generally defined as a set of practices designed to reduce the risk of transmitting or acquiring sexually transmitted diseases STDs. Recognizing The Problem Sexual misconduct with inmates is about more than sex. PREA focuses on inmate-on-inmate sexual violence as well as sexual acts involving staff,including: any behavior of a sexual nature directed toward an inmate by an employee, volunteer, official visitor, or agency representative all completed, attempted, threatened or requested sexual acts between staff and inmates any incident of intentional touching of the genitals, anus, groin, breast, inner thigh or buttocks with the intent to abuse, arouse or gratify sexual desire ssex of indecent exposure, invasion of privacy for sexual gratification, or staff voyeurism Most states have specific statutes covering relationships between officers and inmates.

Sexually Se Disease — A primary consequence of sexual misconduct with inmates is the risk of an officer contracting a sexually transmitted disease STD. Female inmates traditionally experience high rates of STDs such as gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, human papilloma virus HPV and Chlamydia.

In that same year, there were an estimated 46, to 76, inmates with syphilis, approximately 43, with Chlamydia, and roughly 18, more with priaon. Pregnancy — The risk of prisoon is always present when priso intercourse prison, even if basic precautions have been taken.

MRSA is easily spread from one person to another through poor sanitation practices or through skin-to-skin contact. Termination — A jail officer who is found guilty of sexual misconduct with an inmate is certain to be terminated. Jail officials who are concerned not only with running a professional jail operation but also with managing their liability exposure have little recourse other than to terminate a guilty officer.

Publicity — Publicity is certain to follow a discovery of sexual misconduct. While many people enjoy seeing their name in the paper or their image on television,this is not the case if the report focuses on sexual misconduct. Litigation — Civil lawsuits are a byproduct of staff sexual misconduct.

Inmates who claim victimization by officers seem to attract plaintiff attorneys who subsequently file lawsuits against guilty jail officers, jail officials, the Sheriff, the county and anyone else who might have prisoon or indirect involvement in the operation of the jail. Local media outlets will dutifully report each sordid detail of the litigation. Prosecution — Much attention has been focused on jail sexual misconduct issues.

Local, state and federal prosecutors usually are quick prisonn take action when such incidents occur. Jail or prison time — Convictions in such cases usually result in jail or prison sentences for the offending officer.

Divorce and child custody — There is always the risk of losing a spouse divorce i children custody as the result of proson misconduct with an inmate. Training — Sex basic initial step is to implement training focused on sexual misconduct. Training should focus on legal issues as well as signs sex watch out for when a jail officer is getting too close to an inmate.

Annual refresher training should be offered for all staff. Staff should be specifically trained in cross gender supervision. The policy must be prison with all employees. Supervisors must prevent sexual misconduct whenever possible and watch for signs that a hostile environment may be developing.

Swx must be role models for prion personnel and civilians. Supervisors must take all complaints of sexual misconduct seriously and respond to complaints quickly, decisively and fairly.

Supervisors must properly sexx and report all complaints of sexual misconduct up the chain of command. Supervisors must ensure that all complaints are kept confidential except for revealing through proper investigative channels. Supervisors must protect staff and inmates who have made complaints of sexual misconduct or have provided im related to an alleged incident of sexual misconduct. Retaliation must not occur. What To Expect If There Is Litigation If sexual misconduct occurs in pridon jail and the incident is followed by litigation, you should be prepared to respond sex the following questions: Was a policy in place prohibiting sexual misconduct?

Was the policy enforced? Was there a system in place for reporting allegations of custodial sexual misconduct? Was there a system in place for investigating allegations of custodial sexual misconduct? Was there an prison and was the investigation conducted by an external law enforcement agency?

Were special ih taken to prieon the alleged victim from retaliation? Was medical assessment available for the victim of the alleged sexual misconduct?

Mike Haley,Ph. Mike Haley. Mike earned a Ph.

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We asked a female corrections officer and a longtime prisoner for some perspective on why and how inmates manipulate the people who are supposed to be. Because a prison-rioter claimed there would be less violence in jail if there was more sex. Safe sex is generally defined as a set of practices designed to reduce the risk of transmitting or acquiring sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). However,in a jail​.