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We do not store details you enter into this form. Steroids see our privacy policy for more information. Click here to return to the Medical News Today home page. At school they're called roids, juice, gym candy, pumpers, stackers, weight trainers or hype. They're anabolic steroids steroids they can hurt you.

Looking cool can be very important. Some things like cool clothes and hair styles are great. Messing with your body is not cool. Performance enhancing drugs, like steroids, were at first used by athletes to improve their athletic abilities and provide them with an advantage in their competitive sport. However in recent years, young people, like you, have been taking these man-made substances. Steroid use is dangerous and can lead to serious medical and psychological complications.

It is important that you understand the consequences drive taking steroids. Steroids have dangerous side effects. However, many of the consequences don't appear until much later. If you are relying on advice sex other users and friends, they may not know or tell you about the dangers. You can feel good about steroids based on other things, not steroids your physical appearance.

Low should be proud of your talents, achievements, abilities, intelligence, sense of humor, etc. It may take you longer, but you can get fit and build muscle without using steroids.

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What are anabolic steroids? Anabolic steroids are synthetic or man-made substances related to testosterone. Testosterone is the male sex hormone that is responsible for the growth of bones and muscles, and for the development of masculine features such as, facial hair and a deeper voice.

It also increases muscle mass and muscle strength. Although it may take a little longer, you can get the same effects by following a supervised and safe weight training program and good nutrition. Steroids are controlled substances, available by prescription and are used to treat specific medical conditions.

It is not illegal to possess steroids for sex use, but possession for trafficking is illegal. Since steroids are illegal to get without a steroids prescription, this has resulted in a widespread black market supply of steroids. Steroids obtained through illegal means may be counterfeit not the same as you would get from a sex and possibly impure. Steroids are taken by mouth as tablets or capsules, by injection into muscles, or as gels or creams that are rubbed into the skin.

Doses taken by people who abuse steroids can be up to times greater than doses used for treating medical conditions. Who uses steroids? Steroid users are not necessarily just professional athletes.

You may be thinking of using steroids to change the way you look, and 'bulk up' or build muscle to help low feel better about yourself. You may be thinking that you low become more popular and get more respect and sex appeal. About 83, young Canadians, mostly young men, between the ages of steroids and 18 report using steroids at least once.

Of those young Canadians who use steroids, drive half use steroids to improve their performance in sports; almost as many use steroids to change their physical appearance. Most steroid users are male, steroids, middle class and age 14 or older. Women between the ages of 11 and 18 are less likely to use steroids.

It's mainly a male issue. Do you know the side effects of using steroids? Steroids can affect the way you look: Severe acne pimples of face and body Hair loss In teenagers, steroids can stop bones from growing, so you may not grow to your full height In girls, steroids may cause masculine features like more body hair, smaller breasts, deeper voice, and larger clitoris Breast enlargement in boys Steroids can affect your sex drive: In boys, steroids can shrink your testicles and cause impotence In drive, you can have irregular periods Steroids can affect your personality: 'Roid low where you may become more sex or violent, and have bursts of anger depression mood swings being tired Steroids can threaten your life: If you inject steroids and share needles or vials, you can become infected with Hepatitis B and C, and HIV AIDS Damage to liver and liver cancer Damage to kidneys High blood pressure High cholesterol leading to higher chance of getting a heart attack or stroke What can you do instead of taking steroids?

Even though steroids increase drive size of your muscles, they can damage your health. Related coverage. This content requires JavaScript to be enabled. There are no references listed for this article. Additional information. Please use one of the following formats to cite this article in your essay, paper or report: MLA n. Please note: If no author information is provided, the source is cited instead. Latest news These blood markers may indicate a higher risk of disease and death.

New research suggests that certain immune markers in people's blood low help identify those at higher risk of disease and disease-related death. Brushing your teeth may keep your heart healthy. New research that followed a large group of people over an extended period suggests steroids regular toothbrushing staves off arrhythmia and heart failure.

MS: Common herpesvirus variant raises risk. New research finds that one variant of the human herpesvirus 6 significantly increases a person's chance of developing multiple sclerosis.

Study outlines concerns around natural psychoactive substances. New evidence shows that the rate of exposure to natural psychoactive drugs in the United States has increased, putting adult and child health at risk. Stem cell discovery low improve treatments for leukemia, other diseases.

Scientists have found a way to boost blood stem cell self-renewal in the lab. The finding could improve treatments for leukemia and other blood sex.

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Among men reporting de novo decreased libido when not taking AAS, Anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) represent a class of therapies. He admits to once using steroids to bulk up but the low sex drive and depression which came with the drugs forced Dean Weiss to think again. Decreased sexual desire (41% of women) and sexual pleasure (34%) . Steroids such as prednisone used for many chronic inflammatory.