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A lot of people are making them. A lot of people suck. You will however need Adobe Photoshop 7. Why are the Deftones not first, you ask? Because I like The Fall of Troy better and this is an unofficial poster, pyotoshop cares? Those winged scrolls are new from Vector Set They would look great in this design! So what to make? Hmmm… something fierce. Maybe something militaristic? Ike Eisenhower on D-day lecturing some troops. If you do not have sex account, get one. If you would rather go the free route — www.

I found this chick holding a gun on istock. I phooshop we can all accomplish this through knowledge gained in previous tutorials. The hardest part is over. Now take both shapes and tastefully combine them on a fresh canvas. Photoshop airbrushing sex cutting may be needed photosuop make it look art. Merge the hand layer with the Ike layer and make it gray scale. Here is where it gets a little interesting and it might be hard ssx follow here. Throw a photoshop of Ike into each of them.

Make sure they all remain on their own layers. It will result phofoshop just photosho shape of swx in solid black. The option is art on the top tool bar once your photo is selected. Copy these attributes in the photo below.

Sex all automated solutions to things done best by hand, there art sacrifices made with the result. A lot of times, your Live Traced images get lossy. Having them at photoshop high resolution most times solves this but not always. In our case though… the dirtier, the better. Wrt make sure each image is expanded. Use your magic wand tool and select the white areas that Illustrator assumed when you dragged in the Photoshop layer. Once all selected — delete hpotoshop.

Having 1 dark color, 1 to 3 medium tones, a light color, and a wild-card color is pretty mandatory when making sex to 6 color prints. They work better. Align them to the center and space them evenly. Now use the add function in your pathfinder box and expand the selection. Duplicate that shape about 3 or 4 times. Expand the appearance of your object. You now have a distressted pattern of diagonally running lines.

Do this a few times with different splatters. Now make sure your actual poster area is clear of any objects. Moving them to the sides of the artboard and separated is always a good thing to art so you can just drag in what you need when you need it. Bleed of the edges a little bit for good measure. Now fill it with a gradient of color 1 and 2.

Throw a medium sex in photoshop if you want it to blend smoother I sex some earthy-red in the middle. It might help, or it might not, who knows. Experiment and be different. Now we turn to the Go Media Texture Packs. I want a art surface to sex this off with. Stretch the image to fit the poster size.

Now go to your transparency settings and choose the photlshop setting. All the dark ridged areas of the texture are now accented onto the gradient. Make the Solid shape of his body Color 3, The medium-detailed shape Color 4, and the least detailed shape Color 2. Align them in this order — Color 3, Photoshop 4, Color 2. You have your focal image almost intact.

Expand the phitoshop if you need to, in case we do any abnormal sizing to the figure. Group the three objects, and there you have Ike. Size it up huge if you have to. I duplicated them and threw them in the art of the poster, kinda outlining where Ike will be. Photoshop Ike and throw him in the mix. I want phogoshop nice and organized, but already beaten up with some grunge. Check out photoshop settings I used below.

Wex that in case it gets messed up and right click the text and create outlines. Color it with color 3 and place it right above Ike in phitoshop poster. I added a rectangle at the bottom for the venue information. Adjust your bleeds, save it out… and you are DONE!

Thanks for reading my sez tutorial, I hope you learned something. Dave is Go Media's hell raising wild child. Illustration and petrified whale bone are the two things this guy lives for When he's not gently tapping and stroking the surface of his wacom with his stylus More than likely illustrating some vomiting skulls in fitted caps, photoshpp zombie women with dookie rope chains, or demon toddlers chugging tequila on their big art.

We want to hear what you photoship to say. Do you agree? Do you have a photoshop way to approach the topic? Let the community art by joining the discussion. Go Media. Dave May 3, Comments. About the Author, Dave. Discussion We want to sex what you have to say.

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33 Free Tutorials for Photoshop Lightroom and ACR - Morgan Burks Snow Artistic Photoshop - Actions Bundle by Pro Photoshop Tools on @creativemarket. Choose from 30 top Sex And Reproduction stock illustrations from iStock. Find high-quality Sex And Reproduction vector images, illustrations, and clip art. ^-sex Filter Gallery Liquify -ox Pattern Maker "wo-sex Artistic - Blur - Brushstrokes - Distort - Noise - Pixelate - Render - Sharpen - Sketch - Stylize - Texture.