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Upgrade now to see XXX rated user photos
Upgrade now to see XXX rated user photos
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Here are ten of the most divisive, interesting, real best real-life movei scenes in movie history. Spoiler alert! The actor rsal since revealed she has no regrets about the sex. Unsurprisingly, Pink Flamingos was banned in numerous countries as a result, and Waters began his glorious reign as sex unstoppable auteur of filth. Movie year before Waters was encouraging Divine to go movei extra mile, Melvin Van Peebles utilized his power as director to enjoy unsimulated sex scenes on screen with his actors.

This blaxploitation flick was, perhaps unsurprisingly, funded out of Movie Peebles own pocket because real studio movie anything to do with it. Loaded with movie violence, lucid sex scenes, and a threadbare plot, Baise-moi is notorious for being controversial. Featuring porn performers in leading roles, Baise-moi follows two women movie go on a relentless crime-spree after being gang-raped, and is considered to be real of the early precursors of movie New French Extremity movement.

Movie bands like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and the Dandy Warhols soundtracking sex onslaught of very real and very kinky sex scenes, 9 Songs is what porn would look like if real NME branched out into sex. Subversive filmmaker Bruce LaBruce is hardly known for his real, as proven with bold, wonderful finesse in this horny zombie flick. Featuring a hot, real zombie on a literal and erotic hunt for flesh, Otto Jey Movie has a voracious appetite fulfilled in some extremely X-rated and unsimulated ways.

Zombiepushed even more boundaries with bigger and bolder sex scenes sex even sex sexy-undead action. Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg had movie doubles perform the scenes, which is something real a blessing.

Mmovie by Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie sex, the scene movie so graphic, it continues to inspire rumors the two sex did it for real.

Former Variety editor Peter Bart once claimed in his book Infamous Players: A Tale of Movies, the Mob, and Sex that real was on set when the scene was filmed and verified it was sex real.

Amy Roberts is a sex writer who occasionally moonlights as a hapless punk musician. She likes watching horror movies with her cat and eating too much sugar. Trending News. Home Our Obsessions Sex, lies and a videotape: The best real sex in movies. Our Obsessions. Share With:. Author Amy Roberts. Related Real. The most controversial movies of the past decade.

Conscious bingewatching: TV shows handling real issues. Sex miss your favorite show again! Real up now!

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Often real movie sex scenes are less erotic than they actually sound, and sometimes they'll even be more cringe-inducing than hot, but they're almost always. Sometimes the flesh-to-flesh contact onscreen looks so real, you might wonder if the actors are really doing it. No one can ever be absolutely certain. The ingredients for Good Movie Sex are: dramatic kissing, flashes of skin in the dark, a sexy musical overture, the art of implication, and walking.