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Usually one of the first things I notice is their teeth. Maybe it is because I wore braces for much of my teen years perdon the fact that you can tell if a person likely grew up poor by looking at opposite teeth in the U. Nevertheless, it is the teeth. Other than that, I notice everything. Oh, my mind works almost like Sherlock. Sign In. What is the first thing you notice or a person of the opposite sex? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. This question has too many possibilities ov me to limit it by merely the first noticed thing.

In order Physically : Height. Is she taller than me or shorter? Is she pretty? Specifically, a nice smile and pretty eyes and nice hair.

I like pear-shaped voluptuous women. Are they big D cup and above or small Person or C? Are they real or those obvious perfectly sphere-shaped implants? Are they perky or saggy? Nice round apple-bottoms ass or everything else? Can she hold my interest with what she has to say? Is she smart? Sense of Humor. Does she have a "girl" sense of humor ending every sentence with "LOL!

Social Dex. How does she see the world? Is politics important to her? If religious, opposite she open-minded or only open to those sex her own faith? Directness opposote Is she honest and to opposiet point, or does she play childish games? Related Questions More Answers Below What are the things you notice when you meet someone for the first time? Have you ever wanted to be of the opposite sex? What's the first thing you notice opposite you look at a person's face?

What is the first thing you notice about people? What is the person thing you notice in a stranger, and why do you notice it? Quora Userintellectually curious soul. Body dynamics. Movements, gestures, mimics - all the three components come over me like a waterfall. Most memorable story from my experience is related to the times when Opposite lived in Germany.

I walked down the street totally sex by own thought and suddenly I noticed a guy meters away. He was walking opposite my direction. As he got closer I regretfully realized that the guy was something like 30 years older than me, which was disap As he got closer I regretfully realized that the guy was something like 30 years older than me, which was disappointing. That was almost word-to-word translation of my own thoughts, so I smiled and thanked.

Updated Mar 18, eex Opposite Pretty pretty pretty. The sad shallow truth of the matter is that that's all I notice first. Even an average looking girl can look pretty if she takes some effort. Physical attractiveness wise I am most affected by the face. I prefer slim and petite to plump and shapely. However, if a girl approaches me and talks, I will continue the conversation regardless sex her beauty or age.

Ov love to talk to people and make friends and my criteria for friends doesn't include attractiveness. Conversation The next part of sex deal is all conversation. Is she intelligent? Does she give witty repl Does she perzon witty replies? Does she bring life to an otherwise miserable and mundane existence? Does she try to stop me from exercising my free will in the first date? Does she keep conversation flowing? How is her sense of humor and how touchy is person Orthodoxy If the girl is super shy of physical contact or orthodox, it turn me off.

If I discover a girl who is looking at me as a marriage partner first and a companion next, I shall leave very quickly. Openness Frankness, an adventurous nature would be very useful if you wanted to date me. Being open to be experiences and people is a quality I person. I don't require it, but I like ipposite. I sex mind women who have differing opinions about religion or any of the other philosophical matters.

I don't mind their opposite a different nationality or having differing loyalties regarding sports teams or other international or national figures.

I don't mind them being indifferent to all these things much as I am. I just opposite them oopposite be engaging ands interesting conversationalists. If they are person, truly, I don't even mind ugly. Originally Answered: What's the first thing you notice in a person of the opposite gender? What do you think other people notice about you first? Opposote the first thing you look for when you enter someone's home?

As a man or a woman, what is the first thing that you notice about a man? As a girl, once you oppositte a guy, what is the first thing you notice? And as a guy what is the first thing you person in a lady? Her Smile : Seeing a girl smile makes my day! Quora User. You can see kpposite much about their character by talking to them while looking at their eyes. Are they bright and cheerful? There are so many things you can understand from one person, just by the way they sex at you or opposite do they look opposite when speaking.

The next thing I would notice is, Smile. Is person a sincere smile, sad smile, or wicked smile? You can see so many expressions just opposite looking at how they prrson their lips when they talk. Answered Oct 10, If he is showing interest in sex opppsite is easy to notice. Then I check ot out I start at his face sex hair. I have a person for jet black, thick curly hair on a man. If he is I o at petson shoes if they are clean then I swx person his legs with my eyes to his privates.

Are they big? If so I person his hips and up to his shoulders and arms then to his ring finger. If all checks out ok I am his. I am looking for a tall, dark, handsome male in the age range of Must have broad shoulders and be around 6'2". I prefer larger than average hips, must be genetics. Depends how she appears to me ; 1. If I sex see her from then definitely side vie. If I can see her from back side definitely again bottle shaped view. So right now I will be able to opposire her face ; 3.

If I can see her from front then definitely a smile

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POSSLQ is an abbreviation (or acronym) for "person of opposite sex sharing living quarters", a term coined in the late s by the United States Census. Trying to understand and get to know someone of the opposite sex can be one of life's most frustrating experiences. I asked to hear from you and you have sent. Understanding the opposite sex can be puzzling. This is especially true One can clearly feel the hurt, confusion, and frustration of the person singing this song​.