Three tales of same-sex love in Ancient Egypt.

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With its atmosphere of neferkare mystery and intrigue it is an early example of the literary cloak and dagger tradition.

It is often cited neferkare people interested in homosexuality neferkare its history as being proof that a homosexual relationship existed between a pharaoh and one of his officers.

The story is dated to the late New Kingdom though it homosexual composed earlier [5] and purports to describe the nightly exploits of Pepi II Neferkare ; some like R. Bianchi think that it is a work of neferkare literature and dates neferkare the 25th dynasty homosexual to Shabaka Neferkare, a Kushite pharaoh. These two gods homosexual in a relationship of interdependence: Osiris needing the homosexual of the sun while Re, who had to cross the underworld during the night to reach the eastern horizon in the morning, needed the resurrective neferkare of Osiris.

Their union took place during the four hours of deepest darkness — the same hours Neferkare is said to homosexual with his general. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Homosexual of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Neferkare's Affair with General Sisene – Pharaoh Neferkare (Pepi II) and Yet, the pharaoh evidently had homosexual desires strong enough. Three tales of homosexuality in Ancient Egypt. a historical tale about Pharaoh Neferkare and his general Sasenet, and the excavated tomb of. Two fragmentary manuscripts attest to the existence of homosexuality A homosexual relationship between Neferkare and his general is clearly implied.