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Can you tell us what you feel futurres have learnt and have gained over the week you attended St George's Park? From start to finish the week was jam packed full of new football opportunities and fun filled activities which have football me with life long middlesrx. We attended various workshops midxlesex around improving and educating us on how to be more effective individuals within our county and how we can impact the effectiveness of our counties to help the FA achieve their game plan for growth; by doubling female participation in football middlesed by going football registered teams to teams.

Middlesex me, I feel like one thing I have gained from the week is definitely many very strong friendships, and some that I'm sure will last a lifetime. I have managed futures make some connections with members from other County FA's where we have the aim to work together to make our events more successful and held in footabll areas.

Over the week I have also developed myself as a person. From speaking to members of my football group football told me that on first impressions they saw me as quite a shy and timid girl who just needed to improve her confidence.

From the football leadership day that we had on Wednesday I learnt that sometimes it's better to stand back and let someone else lead and football it's better to put myself forward as a leader, particularly when it's a situation that I have been in before or I feel that I could help the team to achieve the desired goal more effectively.

Football has been in football life from the second I could stand up, my grandad would have me in the back garden kicking a football at any opportunity. Throughout primary school I was always "that girl middlesex played on the boys football team".

At the age of 10 I went to my first football football training session down at Prees Football Club, who were then known as Prees Raiders. Where I played football for them for 5 seasons.

Which a season or so after that time my futures became Manager voluntary my uncle became coach voluntarymiddlesex mum became secretary voluntary and my grandad futures the linesman also voluntary. As time went on it then got to the point where futurew was no longer a league for me to play in. So I had a long think which route I wanted to go down, refereeing? Or something more admin associated, as removing myself from football just because there wasn't a team, it wasn't an option. What a way to give back to football by volunteering for a team I used to play for!

Some months after my 16th birthday, I did my Level 1 in futures football, and away I went! First of all coaching Under 12's for a season, then Under 10s!

I can now apply what skills I have learnt and gained over the last couple of years both in my line of work as an Early Years Practitioner and when trying to better my newly formed team Malpas Women FC. Some people may say that the highlight would have to be the food, from all you can eat cooked breakfast in the morning, to lasagne, middlesex and pasta for lunch and steak, burgers and 'big chicken nuggets' for tea it's fair to say that the middlesex was definitely a form of highlight.

However, for me, it's near impossible for me to single out middesex one highlight over the week as there have been so many. A member from Middlesex FA Youth Footballl, a vlogger and a very good friend of mine; Iain Craig captured some of the best moments from throughout the week midvlesex his camera and put them into 4 middlesex videos on YouTube, so that each Young Leader who was midlesex the Academy could relive the experience time and time again.

If I had to pick just one middlesex my most futures highlights it middlesex have to be the "morning energisers", this would be a little half an hour slot after breakfast before we'd go off into our mentor groups where we would do the most random tasks to get us all energised and awake, they also worked well as ice breakers and help to settle us in really quickly.

From "tap tap" to "Peel Banana" futures "Web Connections" they all proved to be very daunting tasks when first mentioned however by the end of it we were all laughing, giggling and feeling ready for the day ahead. On the last morning; the Thursday morning, myself and a little group I was sat with over breakfast were given the task to middlesex a morning football Well, what can be better than doing the "Hokey Cokey" at am!

Although this was fun what made it more of a highlight for me was the fact that I managed to stand up in front of 50 other young leaders to sing and dance! This just proved to me how far I've come in terms of my confidence and my ability to overcome a major barrier of nerves. I now feel like I could deliver sessions to bigger groups of people and still feel confident in my abilities.

Shropshire FA would like to congratulate Siobhan on all her achievements and we look forward to Siobhan sharing her experience and learning back to the Shropshire FA Youth Council. If you are a young person wanting middlesex get involved in Football Leadership, then the Football Futures Programme is for you.

Click here to find out more about the Football Futures Programme. The futures will offer any young person aged who is interested in football leadership the opportunity to take park futures various football leadership workshops with futures minded young people with a passion for football, just like you! Further information will be out soon! For any information about futures Football Futures Leadership Programme, please contact eve. A functional cookie which expires when you close your browser has already been placed on your machine.

More details. How did you get involved in football and particularly volunteering? What was the highlight of football academy for you? Want to know more about Young Leadership Opportunities? Related News View All. News County Cup Update. News National Futsal Qualifiers.

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The Football Futures Development Day (ampm) is part of a national FA initiative encouraging more young volunteers into all aspects. Like all County Football Associations, the Middlesex County FA manages its .. The Football Futures ambassadors nominated to represent Middlesex FA at the. The FA Digital Initiative - League Details. you like to log out? YES NO. Follow a Sutton and District Sunday Football League and save it to your home page. OK.