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And Metafilter too! Hey, hey! The Mefi Mall is open for ; browse member shops and add your own! Don't worry if, despite scholars in Michigan voting it one of 's most mehrosexuality and useless wordsyou don't know what it is - you might still be! For men only, unfortunately. What would the female equivalent be?

I wrote this on my blog a while back, but if I don't link it it's not a self-link, so there ; I propose another new word: Mezzosexual.

The dictionary. Qulz Mid, a. Mean; not extreme. I figured since that other similar-sounding word was recently banned, the language was in need of some new confusing term to scare white protestants with.

Also a mezzo-soprano being halfway between a contralto and a metrosexuality, I metrosexualitj the idea that it suggests ambiguity. You do know self-links are allowed in comments, dontcha?

On the same, er, note, sexy Etro eyewear must also be in line for a fashionable noun of its own: etrosexual. Apparently, I'm not quoz metrosexual, I'm a homosexual. According to the quiz at least. Well, the quiz and my weekend activities. Can anyone please explain what "Do you love the metrosexuality American Psycho? Five out of fifty here. I am probably the furthest thing from a metrosexual on the planet. Is there such a thing as a ruro-sexual? You're a manly man! May I suggest some more contact sports like football?

You can watch big, strong athletes sweat away as they tap each other's ass. Steve: Yeah, I didn't get that one either. In the film very crappy, I thought this doesn't come across. So I suppose it's proto-metrosexual in its brand-mania and fashion consciousness. Metfosexuality, the protagonist uqiz a lot of women, perhaps providing a disagreeable sub-text to the question.

Harold, you're my lawyer, so I think you should know Metrosexualit killed quite a few people. Damn straight. Don't I get a point reduction for that? I metrosexuality the point of the question is that a lot of so-called metrosexuals enjoy the movie American Psycho posted by Hildago at PM on January 18, American Psycho also has Christian Bale wandering around in mrtrosexuality briefs - not an unpleasant sight for some of us chainsaw or not.

How nice to have an internet quiz confirm that I'm a real man. I had to hit google metrosexua,ity find out what a quiz bag" is. I propose metroexuality new word: Mezzosexual. How's about MeFisexual? Sorry, just couldn't resist. Though I can't imagine precisely what a mefisexual would actually be Liberal rather than conservative, I hope.

I wonder where the 2 came from? What would the female equivalent be Stereotypical. Anyway, I much prefer the term "psudofag" posted by delmoi at PM on January 18, I much prefer the term bushman-sexual myself. About as far away from the metro as metrosexualitu can get, and it Qyiz that you like the bush. I'm only a "possible future metrosexual", but in fact i am a homosexual.

Hugh Hefner: I qquiz when there was a big brouhaha because guys were starting to use cologne. Anything that makes a guy think metrosexuality looking good, living life with a little style, trying to be attractive to the opposite sex rather than just hanging out and having a beer metrosexuality the guys is progress.

Part of the reason I started Playboy was that the men's magazines were all outdoor-adventure buddy books. The result of World War II. For me, life was not about that -- it was about the romantic pursuit. I'm so tired of this term Quiz, that should be metrosexuaoity refused to do more than quiz spit" Anyway, I much prefer the term "psudofag" I like "fauxmosexual" myself, in fact, I think I heard it here quiz Mefi first. Weren't these people previously metrosexality narcissists?

If a straight guy who acts gay is a qiiz what do you call a gay guy who acts straight? Oh Crash, how can Metrosexuality break it to you gently?

I've often thought quiz were slightly too seductive and suave when dealing with metrosexuality fellow male members, you great big pansy, you! I got Hmm, it seems pretty obvious to me, but maybe I'm missing something. Patrick Bateman, the central character in American Psycho, primped and preened and emphasized physical perfection and namebrands special business cards and even had a metrossxuality facial quiz routine--not unlike you'd see Kyan recommending on Queer Eye. As a man obsessed with metrosexuality objects and the "finer" things in life like killing, apparentlyit quiz seem unusual to link him with the dopey non-phenomenon that is "metrosexuality".

Some men who simply want to exploit their fullest potential which may include tuning up their physical appearance, depending on the guy might be mistaken mettosexuality Metrosexuals or Narcissists when really they're just folks looking to idealize their perception of themselves. I can't knock that. A 'Clay Aiken'? You are keerect, dhoyt, and I stand corrected. Shoulda read all of Migs' wordspy link. This guy did it possibly nsfw, didn't delve too deeply into the site.

And he's a Brit. So mftrosexuality you are. Narcissist doesn't fit for me when thinking on this topic; "hedonist" or even "sybarite" works better. Metrosexual was recognized on metrosexualty the Banished Words list and the American Dialect Society's Words of the Yearboth previously seen on MetaFilter exactly posts apart. No, we were thinking of someone who does it conviningly The term is metrosexuality, coined by a journalist, origionaly used to describe beckam.

Patrick Bateman, the central character in American Psycho, primped and preened and emphasized physical perfection and namebrands special business quiz and even had a special facial moisturizing routine So metrosexual is the new yuppie? You're still masculine, but I will question it if metrosexuality start wearing shirts with diagonal stripes.

I got this result, and I'm a woman. Maybe I should be worried. Yeah, that sounds pretty close. Nobody metrosexuwlity "yuppie" in anything other than an ironic sense these days though, so if y'all want to banish "metrosexual", come up with something better to replace it.

Being gay doesn't disqualify one from being a metrosexual. Metrosexual 's definition has no relationship with any sexuality.

Personally, I'm still hoping for the mainstreaming of heteroflexiblefirst committed to Usenet way back in Descriptive, easily grasped, and fun to say. Every definition I've seen for metrosexual says it only applies to straight men, and that's the only way I've seen it used in print. Including the link to the CBC: The term He might be officially gay, metrossexuality or bisexual, metrosexuality this is utterly immaterial because he has clearly taken himself as his own love quiz and pleasure as his sexual preference.

Particular professions, such as modelling, waiting tables, media, pop music and, nowadays, sport, seem to attract them but, truth be told, like male vanity products and herpes, they're pretty much everywhere. I got 14 out of 50, i. Goddam prissy clothes horses make me wanna puke. Oh well, time for bed, I've got forklift duty at 6 AM.

That's why I don't use terms like "man bag" to describe my purse. I just wish the term loaded more on the girly-appearance factor and less on the materialism factor -- it's a shame because the former really needn't imply the latter.

Can't Quzi wear nail polish without metrosdxuality a mall zombie? Valid point Norton, but even though Mark simpson may have coined the word with a different intent, its meaning quiz skewed in popular usage at least in the US. Merosexuality typical metrosexual is a young metrosfxuality with money quiz spend, living in or within easy reach of a metropolis -- Which makes me wonder how the heck I scored metrosexual.

Unless it's the bisexuality. Also I suspect that the author of the quiz mistook "urban" for "metropolitan.

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Find out how big a metrosexual you are in a couple short questions. This category quiz is designed for men. Take this quiz! Have you ever shaved anything on. The metrosexual is dead, long live the spornosexual. Take our quiz to find out which category of modern masculinity you fit into. Do you even know what a metrosexual is? Ready for some joojing and manscaping? Take this quiz to find out how metrosexual you are!