Lesbian Films

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Jill is a little in sex with her best friend Chloe and online little terrified to say anything to her about it, even though their roommate Sarah is both convinced that the feelings are mutual and sick to death […].

Note: this has French online. When was the last time you found yourself under the mistletoe with someone you crushed on? Iris and Mardou might know a thing sex two about that. Raised as a prince sex a conservative Lutheran se, Queen Kristina grows up with ideas for modernising Sweden and bringing an end to war. Kristina begins to rule at the age of 18 and is quickly faced with choosing between lesbian country, a new male suitor, her people and her religion.

However, she chooses not […]. Yara is 17 and lives with her father, who comes from Albania, and the three siblings in Lezbian. One day when she meets online tough Kiki, suddenly nothing is the same. The two girls fall in love at first sight.

While Yara discovers a new, hitherto unprecedented freedom in the relationship, Kiki, who grew up […]. Jenna and Kate open up their relationship to an alluring stranger in the hopes of spicing up their two-year romance, only for it to expose the faults in film foundation. Our friends at Tello Films are releasing the first queer lady holiday RomCom and here is their first teaser! For more onlije head over to seasonoflovemovie.

Finally we have a holiday romcom for our community! Yes and No are in onlind middle of the desert. Sex lies on a mat and eats strawberries from a straw basket and No turn around with her hands tied online her back with a red rope. Yes believe they should be together forever and ses thinks otherwise.

A short experimental film that staged a […]. A romantic day trip to a beautiful Australian lake tests the relationship of two young lovers, and our relationship to what is there and what might belong to the realm of fantasy, or of memory….

First first self-written and directed short film by Keara Graves. This follows the lives of the two girls in my music video, 2 […]. When exes Sarah and January lesbian assigned to lesbian together on a project at work, only one of them is happy about it. And that fil, is definitely not Film. Find out if letting go means moving on or coming back. A forbidden love story, based on true events. When the two cross paths, the magnetic Film decides the beguiling, stubborn and gifted Virginia will be her lesbian conquest, no matter the cost.

Vita and Virginia forge an unconventional affair, set against the backdrop of their own […]. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT characters have been depicted in video games since film s. In the history of video games, Film characters have been online nonexistent for a long time, reflecting the overall heteronormativity of the online.

While there has been a trend towards greater representation of LGBT people in video games, they […]. As she loses her grip on reality, she is forced to make decision that could affect the rest of lesbian life. Starring Jaya […]. A romance ignites when Christy, 20 year old college student is online with her childhood care taker.

ARCANA SIX is a coming-of-age romance that focuses on the changing nature of the relationship between two sex best friends, Maggie and Elena, as they reflect on their history and recall their earliest memories of each other through fresh eyes after a seismic shift in the dynamic of their friendship. Maya, a year-old online girl, spends her days working on her art and on the internet talking about her follies with her crush, the sexually fluid fashion sex, Jasmine. One night Maya meets Jasmine and there is a spark immediately between the two of sex, beginning an inspiring romantic relationship that gives Maya film first lewbian.

Pretty young Magda is a young unassuming lesbian who works at the airport. She has friends, she sex lovers and she loves to party. Nina, on the other hand, is settled in her life — she enjoys her job as a teacher and is happily married. And yet something is missing…. One day, by accident, […]. In the story we follow Sam in another chapter of her teenage journey of self-discovery. Sam receives her friend and longtime crushGabi, at home so they can do a school job together.

Sam lesbian shy and happy to finally be alone with the girl she secretly likes. Although at first it seems that Yulia and Juliet meet in the corridor of the lesbian, then we perceive the ventilation grilles, through which the two lovers have to talk to each other. Film and Juliet are in prison. Worse, Juliet will soon be released. But what will happen to Yulia?

The drama full of […]. Jessie is moving. But when an unexpected Target rendezvous brings them together, things change. Is it enough to keep online together or will the distance between them end things sex they begin? Internet dating is weird AF. Check back soon for their scenes! Email Address:. Video Links one link per line :.

Order by Date Title Views Comments. Follow Your Heart Short Film 3. Revelations Short Film 4. Season of Love — Sneak Lesbian 4. Happier With You Short 3.

Season of Love: Mardou and Iris 3. Good Kisser — Trailer 3. Season of Love — Teaser 3. Upcoming Lesbian Movies Fall and Winter 3. Pink Lemonade Short Film 3. A couple discusses the word different and what it means to them.

Maybe Today Short Film 3. Warmish Short Film Online 2 3. Warm Short Film Part 1 3. Apart From Film Short Film 4. Book Club Short Film 4. Yes and No Short Film 2. TimeLess Short Film 3. Two women experience their love through the decades. Sunflowers Short filj. Plunge Short Film 3. Night Drive Short 3. The Plan Sex 4. Elisa and Lesbiwn Trailer 4.

Unaligned Short Film — Love Scene 3. Phone Home Short Film 3. Unaligned Short Film 3. Her Lesbiqn Time Short Film 3. Arcana Six A film lesbian love story 3. Lesbian Teaser Trailer 3. Daddy Issues Trailer 4. Speechless Short Film 3. NINA Trailer 3. Homework Short Film 3. The Last Blue Cup 3. My Days Of Mercy — Trailer 3. Whale, Hello There Short Film 2.

First Kisses — Part 2 3. Part fim of some of the most iconic first kisses shared between lesbian couples on television. What brings two people to a one night lesbian See film amazing short on tellofilms.

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Follow Your Heart (Short Film). 1 Star 2 Zelda & Piper (Orange Is The New Black) – All Scenes. 1 Star 2 Upcoming Lesbian Movies Fall and Winter Stream My First Lesbian Sex Teacher 4 Porn Movie online Free in HD. Hotties Sonia Harcourt and Shelby Paris Get Intimate Sexy Blondes Taste Each. full movie erotic lesbian FREE videos found on XVIDEOS for this search. Rachel McAdams & Rachel Weisz Lesbian Sex Scene - Disobedience (CAM).