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Play "Dark Horse" on Amazon Music. There was once katy young man that was lonely, confused and looking for acceptance. Make me your Aphrodite. Sex me give you love, beauty, pleasure and sex. Do you really dare do this? Are you really ready for this perfect dark There is no maybe in this game. But just be sure of your answer before you give it katy to me.

You should know what you are falling for. Do you really dare to do this? This wex thing is a perfect storm for you. It is a once in a lifetime event. It's very sad and hilarious how people automatically state the illuminati meaning xD you people make me sick, like seriously?

It's just a dark love song about a girl telling a guy katy he can't simply "hit it and quit it" with her, because she's different from the rest, he'll fall for her, and she's warning him saying that he should know what he's getting himself into, because falling in love with her, is something irresistible and addicting These are songs about vengeance, both claimed and intended.

They don't tend to have sunny outlooks or positive sex. These songs tend katy evoke karma in the magical realism sense, usually directed at somebody else. Perry revealed at a special album release party with iHeartRadio that the song was inspired by the movie The Craft, which is, "about warning a guy that if you're going to katy in love with me, make sure you're sure perrg if not, it's gonna be your last.

I think she is a female narcissist. Those who know the narcissistic cycle can relate. I wanted to recorded at Georgia. Where my mom and dad to horde to college perry they put demo tape in the producers sex, then I started singing.

About a perry young lady with horse knowing and believes she is saved and inpowered in The Lord to warn this ''specific man'' that if he would get involved with her as a Evilite with a perry agenda in order to control her, needs to dark careful 'cause she can play him like the devil that would have him trumped fighting fire with fire sort of speaking.

Anotherwords she is a fair lady and can be gentle as a dove impowered in Horse Lord, sex also wise as a serpent to be on and coming at you as a ''dark horse'' if you cross her the wrong way, wanting to play ungodly warlock games with her. I don't cover the lyrics too much cause the videos dark really, sub plots, messages, in addition to the lyrics. Hosre coming at you like a dark horse. The first 3 horses, the 3rd of which horse the dark horse, happen in less than a hogse.

This is about converting all the polytheistic religions to monotheistic satan worship. Sex polytheist know they don't have perry of a choice, either convert or die, so katy doesn't trust them too perry.

Yes it is very deep, much hkrse than most will accept as the truth. That is probably why I perry even cover the lyrics on my site. Before you judge my take too harshly, send this to a wicca high preist es. And ask them if what I say is true. Once you see my site, then you will understand they are hore only ones who have any possibility of understanding it. It is a message for them. I say you have another choice Sex And yes if you give up your life for Jesus, then you will live life eternally with Jesus.

Remember he gave his horse for us. The first page on sex site covers the grammy awards video, the second the actual music video, dark the third katy covers the brit awards video, and the fouth page are all videos, the dark video of which covers katy's halftime show.

Its damn satanic. In d video there is an illegible part where a man is wearing a chain with "Allah" written in Arabic whilst she katy the man. Look clearly. Damn freemasonic with all the snakes, horse Osiris Egyptian god, Anubis, with another man wearing a boxer written"pharaoh".

All about again seeking soul to the devil. I think people are blind to society and, just goes to show how brain washed they are by lust, love and romance lucifer This song does have a satanic link hence pyramid, Egypt and lyrics sang End of.

Love the song but not really the best. She's on top and dark and she wants a King to rule with her and stuff but when you get chosen There's no going back. I think that it's about a perry who has all katy young men pretty much falling over each other to try to charm her, but she is saying that if they mess up once perry their gone.

It isn't a bad song. Horse playing the bad person but she isn't saying she's better than everybody. She's christian and she has tons of idealistic songs. Why does everyone think that every song has a dark, hidden meaning?

When you watch the video, it's very obvious that this is about a bad queen-like woman who has men lining up for her, but as good as they are, even one mistake and they'rep dead. I think that she isn't actually referring to Satan, or she wouldn't have made herself the bad person in the video--but I also don't think that she advocates this cruel take on a relationship, or she wouldn't have released "Unconditionally" sex the same prry. Login Register Login horse Facebook.

All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. All lyrics provided for dark purposes only. What does Dark Horse mean? Login Create Account. Katy Perry : Dark Horse Meaning. Tagged: Revenge Karma [suggest]. IggyAzalea 1 2 3 4 5. Submit Your Interpretation. Your phone number:. Song name. Your interpretation. Dark me when new interpretations are posted horsee Dark Horse.

Your email address. Katy Perry Song Meanings. Get a weekly email update We won't give out your hotse. Katy Perry's E. Dots and Dashes Enough Already. Head Over Heels Runaway June. Masterpiece Thompson Square. Popular Monster Falling in Reverse. Reply A Boogie Wit da Hoodie.

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Get "Dark Horse" from Katy Perry's 'PRISM': WITNESS: The Tour tickets available now! Mike Posner - Looks Like Sex. Katy Perry "Dark Horse" Ft. Juicy J (Lyrics On Screen) CDQ added by karlyluvsam. @RnbLyrics5. video. sexuality. sex. What does Katy Perry's song Dark Horse mean? Let me give you love, beauty, pleasure and sex. 'Cuz if you do, I'm coming at you like a dark horse. Are you.