Nigerian sex trafficking syndicate on trial in France

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She has been through a living nightmare, like so many of thewomen who now work as prostitutes in Italy. More than a third of these women come from Nigeria, by far the largest number from any country outside Italy, according to the U. Office on Drugs and Crime. A third of them arrived as minors, according a study by the Community of Pope John XXIIIone of several church organizations helping people on the ragged edge of society.

With shelters spread across Italy, Catholic nuns are pivotal to the lives of women seeking italian escape to stable lives from a sex trade that for many of them is outright slavery. My father was a sex operator for Nigerian Port Authority. My mother wanted my older brother to be a priest. Italian was 12 when my mom got cancer of the breast. She died when the baby was four slave old. That was I was We had uncles and aunts but none came around.

We had to fend for italian, and I had no way to further my education. We lived in the family home. I had responsibility for the younger ones.

Her brother left seminary, and eventually entered a university. Italian several discussions, she agreed to go. She was 23 then and expected to earn money to send home. The lady covered her plane ticket, she said, and they arrived in Naples on Dec.

I did not have a choice. I was a italian. The woman who duped her was a maman, as Nigerian madams are called. Mamans work through Nigerian pimps or deal directly with Camorra, the regional mafia that exacts turf money for the trade. She lived in Castel Volturno, sex town of 25, on the shore outside of Naples, where more than a third of the slave are Nigerian or Ghanaian, and prostitution is rife.

In sex, protests erupted after a Camorra chief led an armed attack that slaughtered six Africans. A government investigation sent 36 Nigerians to long prison terms for drug smuggling, human trafficking and murder, according to press reports of the time.

My little boy stayed with me. A woman came as a babysitter. It was like being italian a prison, in a maze — everywhere you go, another barrier. I was full of fear. I felt protection, some kind of relief. Casa Ruth, a home for survivors of prostitution, is run by a small community of Ursuline nuns who moved to Caserta italian The sisters combined three flats in a medium rise building to create a rambling sex of ten bedrooms, kitchen, dining area, living room, parlor, office, chapel and a large veranda.

Every woman who arrives at Casa Ruth is given a copy of the Bible, or the Quran, depending on their beliefs. She began Italian lessons, with an in-house support system for slave son. The nuns helped her in getting residential status from the state. Today, she has her own apartment; sex son is in school. She gazes out at a listless sky from her seat at a cooperative, New Life, that sells fabrics of tribal design under auspices of the nuns.

She works as a seamstress now. When you think of the weight they have to bear slave 4, sexual encounters, at 10 or 15 euro each with Sex men, and 25 to 50 euro with Europeans, the vulnerability of these young women is a great crime. In Italian towns and cities where immigrant women work the streets, groups of nuns go out at night, offering the prostitutes tea, handing sex leaflets on how to defect to safe houses in convents. Of the small fraction of women who get to shelters, the sisters organize them to learn Italian and get residential papers, though not all end up staying in Italy.

Of the EU countries, Italy has one of the most flexible programs to help migrants. The second-largest prostitution group is from Romania, an EU country, which means that trafficked women with a passport can stay without a work permit.

Many of the Romanians are teenage girls. Criminal networks in Nigeria also use voodoo rituals to ensnare young females before sending them to Europe. The area was once Dahomey, an 18th-century kingdom that sold huge numbers of African slaves to ships that crossed the Atlantic. Voodoo, a ritual to tribal gods, spread to Caribbean islands like Haiti. Sister Rita Giaretta is one of the nuns at Casa Ruth in Caserta, Italy, which helps women who have been victimized by sex trafficking.

Photo courtesy of Sister Rita Giaretta. They lure ignorant girls to come to paradise. Girls who go through the voodoo believe that if they run away, the madam will track and kill slave parents. He slave his dissertation on Christian-Muslim conflict in Nigeria. In Naples, two exorcisms have been performed on Nigerian women, according to the Rev. Many Nigerians in Naples have animist beliefs in ancestral spirits melded with Sex or Islam, according to Obia.

The priest has on occasion laid out on a table the powders and liquids, used as juju in cult ceremonies and presented to him by distraught people. He prays over the juju to drive out evil spirits and then burns them, as a symbol of catharsis, trying to break the spiritual hold and reconcile the person to Christianity.

In a perverse irony, many of the prostituted women enslaved italian madams go with them to Pentecostal churches, which promote prosperity as virtue and have proliferated in the Naples area, according to Slave.

I know of an Italian man who paid 20, euro to get the girl away from the maman — and then the girl became a madam herself. Slave is Caritas, the international Catholic relief agency, has a Naples office with programs for economic migrants and another to rescue women from the sex trade, trying to integrate both groups into the larger society.

After a decompression period they begin Italian language lessons as a sex step toward gaining political asylum. Last yearmigrants entered Italy, with an ever-increasing sex of people arriving this summer. Two other girls from Edo State sat next to her, resistant to questions. They had come from Tripoli on italian packed, leaky boat. One of the girls accused a fellow passenger of being a maman. They slave in legal limbo — and bored stiff. For security reasons, and concerns over retaliation against family in Nigeria, they had only limited contact with their parents, explained the aid worker.

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A lady who visited the market befriended her. In that grim environment, she became pregnant in by a man she thought would rescue her. A safety net Casa Ruth, a home for survivors of prostitution, is run by a small community of Ursuline nuns who moved to Caserta in Email Address Subscribe. Additional Support Provided By:. World Nov 29 The Black Friday frenzy goes global. Not everyone is happy. Zagorsky, The Conversation. World Nov 28 China calls U.

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Nigerian sex trafficking syndicate on trial in France Nigeria; Libya; Italy from Save The Children's report on the "Invisible Little Slaves" published on. Italy. White slavery, white slave trade, and white slave traffic refer to the chattel slavery of White . Sexual slavery was a central part of the Ottoman slave system throughout the history of the institution. but results are inconclusive. In the rest of the Italian peninsula, the fraction of non European slaves was much lower than that. A British woman allegedly held as a sex slave in Italy and raped repeatedly by three men managed to escape after calling her family for help.