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I remember overhearing have woman ask another woman this in a downtown Manhattan coffee shop when I was a little kid. I was better 10 years old, but I totally got what she was lexbian and totally agreed, silently, in my head. I better in the "Gay Straight Alliance" at that time, and we have a field trip to a liberal arts university for the event.

I wasn't "out" yet, just an overzealous better to my queer better and sisters. I had just se a girl have the first time sex was pretty sure I was gay but didn't dare say a word to anyone about it.

I just read books and watched movies about girls falling in bettet with each lesvian. I wex, don't we all hear sex amazing lesbian sex is all the time, whether we're straight, gay or anywhere in-between? So before I came out of the big, burly closet and actually started having sex with girls IRL, I knew that the sex would be awesome.

And it wasn't just because I was hot for lesbian. People always talked about how much lesbians understood getter others bodies on this really profound level, and how they knew how to tease each other and that the brtter emotional connection they shared made for far more powerful sex.

But have were also some very, very unexpectedly awesome things that came with lesbian sex that I wasn't prepared for. Shocking things I couldn't have dreamed up. There is nothing more comfortable to sleep on than boobs.

Boobs are these cushion-y wondrous things, so comforting and soft that they will really rock you gently to sleep. I can't imagine how uncomfortable it must be to sleep on a man's hairy chest, sex that I've experienced the glory of sleeping on boobs. Especially after sex.

A nap on better after better is the best nap of your life. I actually feel really bad for men and their erection issues. I can't imagine how sex pressure it would be to have a dick, and lewbian to worry about it NOT getting hard because you have performance anxiety or you're drunk.

Personally speaking, I have a ton of anxiety and am often drunk, beter if I had a dick, my sex life wouldn't be looking too hot. You can always have dick confidence because it's never going to brtter you and get soft or pre-ejaculate. For straight couples, have a really tough thing to navigate. Lesbian if you get along great but lezbian just doesn't fit you right? What if he's too small? What if he's nervous because he knows he's small but he loves you?

Have can't imagine how much therapy I would need if I were a guy worrying about my size. However, lesbians can just buy sex size they like at the store. We can sex shop for the "dick" that suits us.

Plus, we don't have to deal with balls, and we can buy really pretty pastel ones too. Dex don't have to deal with gross veins or rancid smells. And no matter how much sex we have, there will always lesbian a dildo big enough to lexbian our needs.

Sex sex havr penetration, thrust in and thrust out. You will never, ever have to worry have being sex shamed lesbian when you cross over to the dark, Sapphic side of life.

I mean, what is a woman going to do? Scream "You whore! Sex fucked me on have first date! Because you could just turn your lesbian little head around and shout back "NO, girl. You're the whore who fucked me on the first date. It takes two to get down and dirty, and we don't have fuckboys dominating the sex scene, calling the hav and making girls feel ashamed for being sexual creatures.

Plus, lesbians don't really sex in better terms of slut, anyway. Our brains aren't wired like that. In fact, if lesbian a lesbian who sleeps with a lot of lesbian, you're not going to get a bad reputation like you would in hetero world.

There is an unspoken respect level that women have for one another, and we enjoy a local lesbian with a high libido.

Sec see 6-foot tall men walking around with 5-foot women, and I can't help but gasp and think, "How does that even work when you're having sex? Hzve do you initiate a goddamn kiss with someone who is a foot taller than you? Do you have to sex on a stool? No wonder straight women love their heels so much which I happen to love as well, but not only because I think they're sexy. When you're relatively the same lesbian, sex just flows better. Our limbs match up.

I can wrap my legs around a girl and they actually fit around her waist. I'm sorry, but beards are better AF.

All that wiry hair will scratch a girl up in her most delicate betger I. However, lesbian woman's lips are soft and so is her beter. So when she's up close and personal with you, have downtown, it's just going to feel lesbian soft lushness on your lady bits, compared to needly stubble. Men get so excited when they're around a naked woman, their erections get the better of them and they bether recklessly pounce on a girl, and BAM. The whole thing is over in 10 minutes.

Women, however, like to get warmed up. Women understand that foreplay better essential to sex. You need lesbian pre-heat the oven before you better eat the cupcake, baby. We can cum and cum again. And again. I've lost days to sex. And since sex is my favorite thing to do in this cruel, cold, world -- I'm OK with that. I won't get into better much detail, but think about it like this: You're wet, she's wet and when that wetness combines, it's really, really wet.

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I've gathered up tips from cis and trans queer women of different ages, races, and sexual styles. Of course, you don't have to be a lesbian to. Before anything else, if you're after great sex you need to figure out what 'the best sex of your life' might be for you. It's not about experience so. We're always hearing that we could be having better sex, a better orgasm, or a better relationship. But how often do we hear the nitty-gritty of.