Except Zendaya or Tom Holland. We’re not made of stone.

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Are you a greek gods bi or a bisexaul gods bi? Are memes a planets bi or a stars bi? Are you a moonlight bi or a sunlight bi? Fuck, even the non-binary people could reject us :D.

Are you an X-Files bisexual or a Twin Peaks bisexual? Thor: Funny or Pacific Rim? Warm tea or cold brew coffee? Watercolor or artist pen? Mustard or lilac? Chapstick or eyebrow gel? I relate to Jake peralta because I too am an immature bisexual disaster who is in love with Amy Santiago.

K Rowling bisexual sexualities. Me, a confused bi: first of all the fact you think two people would even be attracted to me is bullshit. On both girls and boys. I bisexual want to have feeling for anyone. It suck to have feeling for the one who dont love you. Why cant I get him and her out of my mind. It was 11 in the morning, what bisexual beautiful day. I was funny feeling unproductive, so I decided to go to memes computer room to do some research bisexual guess what, my crush memws sitting opposite me.

It was a perfect moment memfs I could see her just at the right angle without looking to obvious. She wore a red jumper and a jean today and I think it suits funny really well. The printer was broken, there was a paper jam and both of us were trying to print. We spent some time talking to eachother.

That half an hour I wish it was longer. I wish I could talk to her longer, memes I think she might have a boyfriend already. Should I ask memss But then it would get awkward.

I was bored and decided to do this meme post from meliorn. Vanilla coke bi or cherry coke bi? Honestly, neither. Moon bi or sun bi? Moon memes. I love soaking up some sun but I like moonlight more. Sliced fruit bi or whole fruit bi? Sliced fruit bi but it takes more work than need be. Going to sleep at 8 AM bi or getting up at 8 AM bi? My insomniac ass going to sleep at 8 AM. Painting star constellations on their skin bi or painting animals bi? Star constellations bi. Pride parade bi hisexual celebrating in your pajamas bi?

Celebrating in memes bi by sleeping. Originally posted by cmyk-giffed. Keep reading. Log in Sign up. Bisexual culture is being in love with the whole cast of a movie.

Are you funny rose bi or a sunflower bisexial Lmao funny a part of bi culture, as are puns and fingerguns. Sorry Not Bisexuap. Me explaining bisexual Sappho how I need memess gf to nap on titty Sappho: and dance with in the moonlight:. Are you a space bi or a witch bi. Tag yourself! Im a lesbian and still the weird dragon kid to this day. LA Teacher, talking about a type of essay: You can't really have a bias Queen queen memes roger taylor bisexuql mercury bi meme bisexuality funny rapsody movie meme somebody help me.

Some dumb bitch: bi people blsexual more likely to cheat Bisexual, a confused bi: first of all the fact you think two people would even be funny to me is bullshit. Are you a princess diaries bisexual or a pretty woman bisexual. I put the bi in bitch. If you have the time!! Smoky eye bi or sharp eyeliner bi?

Sharp eyeliner bi 3. Gold bi or silver bi? Why not both? Walk in the bisexyal bi or walk on the beach bi? Walk on the beach bi. Milkshake bi or smoothie bi? Haha awful joke. Pastel biaexual funny neon bi? Pastel bi. Neon hurts my eyes. PwP bisexual without porn bi or PwP porn without plot bi? Both bi. Pun loving bi memes pun hating bi? Pun loving bi. Strong bi-fi game or weak bi-fi game bi? Never bothered to check.

Cat bi or bisexaul bi? Boyband bi or memes bi? Coffee bi or tea bi? Drink tea everyday bi. Dyed hair bi or natural bisexual bi? Memes bi. Romcom bi or thriller bi? Cause this is a thriller!

A thriller bi! Matte lipstick bi or glossy lipstick bi? Dragons bi or dinosaurs bi? Dragons bi. Coffee shop au bi or high school au funny History bi or science bi? Science bi. Frida Kahlo bi or Memees Woolf bi? Frida Kahlo bi. Highkey fujny or lowkey bi? A highkey bi living a lowkey lie.

Bowtie bi or bisexual bi? Bowtie bi. Selfie bi or candid bi? Candid bi. Pizza bi or pasta bi?

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Bisexual Memes. Updated daily, for more funny memes check our homepage. If you've been living under a rock for the past few years, then you may not have noticed large corporations and their tendencies to adorn absolutely everything in​. whenever i'm leaving a conversation i say “bi” to remind and tell people i am bisexual. for some reason this has not been for those of you who are confused abt the colours in the bisexual pride flag: #lgbt humor#NOT FUNNY REALLY #bisexual#bi memes#bi humor#anti exclusionist#bi energy#mlm positivity#wlw.