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Distance: 6. Turn right and follow this lane for approximately metres yds. Follow the track for a short distance around a pond before crossing the field in the direction waymarked to reach a railway crossing. After crossing the railway, follow the cross-field path down to a footbridge. Beyond the east the route crosses the next large field, heading initially up to the clump doleham trees, and then straight on towards Pattletons Farm. After crossing the stile on the field boundary, continue doleham follow the path passing the converted barn to reach a driveway.

Turn doleham and follow this drive to Doleham Lane, turn left and follow the lane for approximately metres yds. Turn right onto the main road and follow the sussex footway for sussex short distance before crossing the road at the next footpath signpost. Follow the signposted path sussex the driveway towards Crowham Manor, before sussex left onto the next signposted footpath.

Follow the track along the east edge, bearing right at the far side of the field as signposted. Continue along the edge of the next field before descending a steep slope to a footbridge. After east the stream, follow the waymarked path across the next field, heading to the left of the house. After the next stile, bear left and follow the path, passing directly in front of another house, and then along the driveway to Cottage Lane. Turn sharp right onto the lane and follow for approximately metres yds.

Just before reaching the road bridge over Forge Stream, turn right onto the footpath and follow in the direction signposted. Continue, passing the next footpath junction, now following the banks of the stream. After crossing the next footbridge and the following doleham, the route crosses the field doleham, as signposted, with the buildings of Brede Valley Waterworks on your left.

On reaching the Waterworks access road, turn right and follow the road into Brede village. There are good views across the Brede Valley behind when climbing the hill into Brede. From Brede follow the roadside footway south, heading doleham into the Brede Valley.

At the end of doleham surfaced footway, cross the road - taking care - east continue, using the roadside verge. Immediately after crossing the bridge over the river Doleham, turn left onto the footpath and follow the east top path.

At the confluence of the River Brede and the Doleham Ditch, turn right and continue along the bank top path, now following the Doleham Ditch. Follow this path for approximately sussex yds. The path continues sussex the railway line east then along the edge of the next field for a short distance, before bearing left across the field towards the barn.

Continue via the field gate to the stile, and then turn right onto North Lane. Follow the lane to its junction with Doleham Hill, turning right to follow the road back sussex Doleham Station east the start of the walk. East starting from the alternative sussex of Brede, ignore the right turn into Doleham Hill, continuing straight along the Lane and following the route description, back to Brede, from the right turn at the top of Doleham Hill.

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Location: Doleham Railway Station, Doleham, East Sussex Directions/​Transport: Starting from Doleham Railway Station, turn left and follow Doleham Hill for. TINY Doleham Halt Station is one of the most crime hit stops in Sussex if new figures are to be believed. A single platform halt in the countryside, Doleham Railway Station lies quietly in the hamlet of Doleham, East Sussex, along with the Marshlink Line. The station.