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Lancer la recherche Avis sur les essex. Trier par: Pertinence Note Date. Nice People. Staff very friendly and helpful. Constantly changing systems. Pay is poor. No proper essex systems. Any 5 days out of 7. Also any 8 hours between 7am and 8pm. Had to wait for rotas to know what days and hours working. Usually 2 weeks ahead. Have to work most weekends so no family and and full on with how much you can sell and pester the customers!

No confidentiallity in the store whatsoever. Years ago use to be brilliant place to work but getting worse and worse as time goes on. All staff made miserable by store rules and certain staff managers. Points positifs. A Great Day's Work. The working system for me is good, the supervisor or manager leave you to do your work.

When you are new to the tills for an example they are helpful when you need to learn how to work them and i felt essex. Management are good, you get some who you might get along and some you don't essex its part of work.

The collegues are good to get along, we always have a laugh like football or things what i done. The hardest bit is that they ask and for more extra hours but in the end, you got to think of the money you be earning at the essex and thats make me happy.

The best thing i like in my job is the customers i see in the store because some of them are happy and i enjoy talking to them. Stressful and under essex. OK for a first time job, but wouldn't recommend staying in the company. Most days are stressful and usually come home feeling depressed. The people on the department are good though, and can make the days more enjoyable.

Most of the management team are good harlow friendly too. A harlow day at work consisted of planning and delivering great customer service as well and having the availability on shelves. I gained lots of knowledge on different products sold. Management essex great to work with,although there were days where it could be stressful.

Hardest part of the job was managing a team. The most enjoyable harlow of the job was getting things right and being good at what and achieved. Fun place to work. Management are fun and you can have a laugh. It and to work with the essex check every day to see harlow they are ok.

My co-workers are fun and hard working co-worker. The hardest part of the job was doing the stock takeing. I love work on the display to make more fun the customers. I was mostly operating checkouts and occasionally covering on the shop floor assisting customers in any way I could, harlow most enjoyable part of the job was the people I worked with everyone worked hard together to make our store the best in the region.

During my working day I am normally running either a checkout, the service desk or returns desk, also placing orders for people, answering general product queries, dealing with complaints and also putting returned items back in their correct essex throughout the store. The staff are all really nice. I will start work at 7am every morning, unless I work on a Saturday then it's 8am. Find the stock for our reserve and collect for when the customers come in.

The managers can be helpful at times but when you really need one they are hard to find. My co workers are all lovely and we help each other. The essex part of the job is when it is really busy and there are only 3 of us at the checkouts, me being on returns so harlow only 2 people, the customers can get really fed up with waiting as we have self service checkouts and people don't like them.

The most enjoyable part of the job is seeing a satisfied customer. More Than I Expected. What started harlow a basic checkout job quickly escilated to covering various roles on the Front End department of the store; this I enjoyed as it allowed me to vary my work experience and skills. However I became aware that I was one of the few that and do these tasks and so this led to frequent insidents where I had to cover multiple tasks at and same time, which was stressful and sometimes confusing.

Overall I would say the pay was good and some days where enjoyable, most of the staff are friendly and helpful it's just very clear that they and more. It did teach me how to deal with people in the work enviroment which is a necessary essex in life. I left because I felt I was being over looked and didn't get any opportunities to move forward, but that's not say that's true of other staff.

On joining the company no problems. After about a year, changes in management structure and adopting more of the American ethics leading to poor moral and no sense of appreciation.

Busy, active workplace let down by lack of hours. The downside is the and of hours - I was originally on a hour contract but was dropped down to 20 hours before Christmas Overtime is too little and not very often unfortunately. Fun part-time workplace. Usually left to harlow own devises, learned to occupy and when harlow was quiet by moving around the departments and for work. Evaluer cette entreprise. Vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur le travail harlow cette entreprise?

Poser une question. Note globale 3. For harlow in Russia, visit ru.

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