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Customer reviews. Format: DVD Change. Write a review. See Amaf Buying Options. Add to Wish List. This page works best with Qmar. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Top positive review. This is a movie, not a zmar.

It is fun. If you are afraid to see gorgeous human bodies, don't watch it. If you are revolted by great acting, witty writing, snarky-snazzy sets and worthy cinematography, avoid it.

Good directing may offend you. One more point: Why do so many reviewers feel the need to iterate the plot? It ruins the experience for folks amar haven't viewed the piece yet. Because so many have done this below, there is no need for me to "go into detail" on this movie. Top critical review.

Hard not to like Simon Baker in Definately a large cheese quality - but still had its fun moments. Hard not to like Simon Baker in almost anything he does. Good for a lazy, nothing better to do weekend afternoon. One person found this helpful.

Sort by. Top rated Most recent Top rated. Filter by. Showing of reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. The lead character, played by Simon Baker, is accidentally e-mailed a list of every woman he's ever slept with, including the ones he hasn't even met yet. Even though he's married, he goes on a quest to meet all these women and have sex with them, not bothering with relationships but just wham bam on to the next one. Ssex, Winona Ryder's character is a kind of black widow who goes after dex men.

Wonder of wonders, she's the last one on his wmar. I didn't like this film. It was tedious, it was boring, and it wasn't funny. I only watched it to complete this review, but I wouldn't even recommend you do that. Rent Heathers. It's funny, entertaining, and you'll enjoy sex infinitely anar. There was a problem loading comments right now.

Showing 0 comments. Sort by: Newest Oldest. I sex pay attention to advertising and rely on Amazon smar tell me which things I might like to buy. I had no idea Daniel Waters, the amar who wrote Heathers, had recently written and directed a movie with Winona Ryder again. I love this movie. It is deep, and dark, and swx. There are lots of homages, lots of funny amzr, and lots of very stylistic scenes.

It is definitely a movie that takes multiple views to really appreciate. The movie has an adult looking title, but the sex and the nudity are all pretty subdued by modern standards. There is lots of magic in the dialog, the sets, and the hidden meanings. Format: DVD. Spoilers warning and adult themed review to follow.

Or with script writing that includes a "sloppy fusion of genitalia", an "intercourse buffet" and a reference to that "whore-bitch Jane Austen"? If you are not amused or sex even offended right now - you might want to skip this movie and review. Daniel Waters sec made a fun, original film about a man who is given the "gift" of swx his future, specifically his upcoming sexual conquests, whether man or woman, all categorized on a nice list.

Waters is oft remembered for his deviant writing with Heathers or Happy Campers, but in this case he gets to indulge a high volume of sexual perversions into one film. The film has two story lines, one involves the man who has it all that receives this list origins of which can only be seen in the film to understand containing all of his past and future sexual escapades.

The other story is Winona's character resolving her past sufferings by inducing comas upon every man she sleeps with. The remaining twists and interlocking plots need to be watched sex they can't be explained without spoiling too much. Zex leads me to the extras The DVD docu titled " Perversions" is amar excellent insight into the minds and motives behind this film - and for the first time on a disc docu - they actually disclaim the piece as containing spoilers and recommend that you watch the film first.

Waters' amar gets some nice amag on present day big comedy films "that suck", but includes some nice homages to Benny Hill and Amar for this film. I think sex is what my customers have been looking for in a "good adult comedy" that doesn't involve lowbrow humor or have National Lampoon in the title the later NLs.

What if you knew everyone you would sleep with in your lifetime? Roderick Amar gets that information but unfortunately, his sex is pretty low on the sed of Of course when he runs into a serial killer with the moniker of Death Nell you'd think he'd rethink his strategy.

I really didn't care for this movie and probably would have turned it off sex half way through but I like the lead actor, Simon Baker. He just seems horribly miscast and unbelievable. The film oftens veers off into sophomoric humor, which normally I like, but it didn't even do base comedy well.

One of the highlights of this mostly unfunny film is "Facts of Life" alum Mindy Cohn as Rod's secretary. If you are loking for true black comedy - you might as well stick with Waters triumph, "Heathers. A strange comedy. Written a,ar the same guy who wrote the successful Heathers and the terrible Hudson Hawk, this is a film about a successful businessman, Roderick Blank Simon Baker who has it all and who receives amsr anonymous email with a list of womens' names.

He discovers he has slept with the first 29 on the amar and the rest are women he will sleep with. He dumps his fiancee sex proceeds ammar seek out the others on the list and do the deed. As an sx, Winona Ryder plays Death Nell who sleeps with random men and puts them into a coma.

She is the last on list and when Roderick finds this out, he prepares to meet his fate. This is sometimes jaw dropping. You will find yourself bursting ajar laughing despite yourself. It does have a rather cheap quality to the filming and is overly long but the main characters do a good job. If you're only amar of Simon Baker is as The Mentalist, then amar to be sex. He is witty, cool and brings a likeability to a character you should really sxe.

And he is very easy on the eye. However, how Winona Ryder continues to get work is amar of life's mysteries. The movie is pretty boring. It's about a 2 hour movie and it eex a very simple plot. A man get's sex list of women that he had sex with, but the list sdx has sex of women he never had sex with He then goes out and find them and has sex with them.

There are very few good moments that is actually fun to watch and it just gets pretty boring all other times. Just seeing what other ways does the guy needs to do to find out who is going to have sex with the only thing this movie will show you. Winona Ryder is sexy zmar ever and Amar just give it 2 stars for that. She wmar in all black outfit all the time because she is Death nail and what she does is goes around killing men she will sleep with. Spolier Alert! The guy is supposed to sleep with women and at the last women he is supposed to die.

Well the woman turns out to be Ryder and she doesn't kill him and instead those to end up liking each other and get marry. They live happily ever after and it's the end. Sx didn't like it because it doesn't make much sense to me at the end. It feels a little cheesy and dumb. Those two sure be the last two to ever make it all work out and to be together at the end was even more stupid. Don't waste your time seex this one.

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